The ZFT Program

If you seriously consider taking Trading to the next level,
And believe you need a Mentor for it

Give us a shot.

Here lies the FAQs about our dear Program.

I am a beginner in Technical Analysis. 
Would you recommend that I  attend basic 
technical seminars and courses before I join?

There is no need. We cover the very basics up to the advanced 
Technical studies that we use in ZFT. We would also prefer that
 you come with an empty cup and an open mind.


Who are qualified to join the Subasta 
and the ZFT Mentoring Program?

Every batch has a unique set of requirements. For those fighting 
for slots via the subasta, you will have to register using your real
 facebook account. We currently have no other requirement as long
 as you win a slot and that you be able to attend formal classes.


How many can join?

On average, 12 per batch.


Why are the slots limited?

We could opt to have a bigger class, But let's just say we like to
 take things to a personal level with our students. 
Quality over quantity.


How Much?

We don't control any of the slot's prices so I cannot give you an 
exact figure - We let people decide how our program is worth
 via Subasta or Auction. But to give you an estimated range based 
on the previous Subasta batches, it's between 200k - 330k.


I am an OFW. Can I still Join?

Yes. It doesn't matter even if you're based in the North Pole, 
As long as you are able to stick to the program schedule.


So how long is the course and what are the class schedules?

3-4 Months. MWF. 8PM-11PM. Via Skype. 

Informal classes happen from time to time. If you are not able to fix
 your schedule according to our program timeline, 
we highly discourage you to join. 
We do not want your money to go to waste.


What will we learn?

You will learn the ZFT method of trading. 
And Yes. Including our trade secrets.


Who will be our mentors?

ZF, Kidlat and in special cases, other ZFTs who have shown
 themselves worthy to take on the task of "Walking the Talk."


When is the next Subasta? 
And How often do you teach?

We open our doors once or twice a year. 
The Bidding for ZFT IX will be in...

Edit :
(The Subasta program has officially ended. Please visit the Project Seed page in Facebook for upcoming Mentorship programs.)

A link to the registration form will be provided
#SaTamangPanahon. Be patient.


Are you and Kidlat single and available?

Unfortunately, no.


What else do I need to know?

If you cannot give time to attend classes,
If you are unable to follow simple instructions,
If you are looking for a quick fix to your bleeding port,
If you are not willing to spend hours eating charts 
for breakfast, lunch and dinner,
If you think you already know the basics and believe you'll 
only need to come for the advanced lessons,
Then this Program is NOT for you.
Go somewhere else.


  1. Is it ok to earn a slot and pay you in installment? huhu i dont have 150k yet. but I really want to join ZFT.

  2. I really want to learn the basic up to advance however I don't have that amount... If you will help me here I am begging to learn....

  3. There other ways to get into ZFT there is project seed you can do RAKs in order to get in or ask known mentors from the tribe to teach you.

  4. Newbie po, pano po sumali sa Project seed and Rak? gusto ko po mtutu sobra. salamat po

  5. 200k-330k per person po ba o per batch?

  6. Hello Sir, meron pa po bang next subasta for 2017? if yes kelan po?

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  9. boss kelan po next batch? meron pa po b?

  10. Kelan po next bidding?thanks

  11. I like the "why" you are doing the movement behind ZFT. Hoping I can be a part of it.

  12. Can I pay with my kidney? I really wanted to join... Can I just clean your shoes daily as payment for you to mentor me?

  13. Magkano po ba ang fee per person? is it 200k+? So kailangan ko
    pa palang mag-ipon ng ganon kalaking halaga? or pwede rin installment.?

  14. ZF contenders are Millinaires and Billionaires Club in the very near future... I wanna be part of it too officially. right now i am part of them in the spirit. I am beginning to vibrate theirs and ride their thoughts...

  15. may generic ba nito sir zee?.. ang sarap makasama dito kaya lang kailangan ko pa makaipon..

  16. may generic ba nito sir zee? ang sarap sana makasama kaya lang need ko pa mag ipon..

  17. Hi i am very interested to join in zft program. I only have like 5% of knowledge in stock market trading and very willing to learn from this tribe. nakaka profit naman ako pero alam ko sa sarili tyamba lang lahat yun. Kaya Willing po ako mag bayad kahit mahal. Its not just about the money. i have some kind of identity crisis. pero dito sa stock market ako naging masaya, marami na ako sinubukan pero dito talaga siguro ako nakatadhana. i want to learn more and become a full time trader. pangako mag sisipag ako. Once na mapasama ako dito. I will unlearned everything na natutunan ko from the very beginning and start from sratch. Aabsorb ko lahat ng ituturo ng tribe saaken. sana mapansin ako ni sir zee. ☺

  18. Hi. Ask ko lang paano po makasali sa tribe? How much po kelangan ko bayaran. Thank u po. ☺

  19. Hi ask ko lang po paano sumali sa tribe pls give all the details para makasali po ako thanks ang god be with you always.....

  20. Gud pm mga sir/mam newbie here ofw po d me nkahabol ncconduct pla kau thru skype dn wait q nlang po ung next batch na tuturuan ninyo po. while earning hard and small salary here continous parn study q about sa trading bsta after work at d pagod gaya po ng advice ninyo masmganda f surrounded ka ng mga taong knowledgeble about sa gusto mong gawn(trading) hopefully sana mkkakuha me opportunity na matuto sa inyo salamat. godbless PAWER! ;)

  21. Kaingit naman gusto ko sana mag join sa zft. Self study lang muna at building capital.. I tried 30k in stock market but I lost and stop. Idol ko kayo. Sana marami pang video na pang inspire na katulad ko.

  22. Huhu. Next time nalang ako sasali pag working na. :( Wala akong 200k - 330k :(

  23. trading techniques can only be determined and learned through ourselves. It can be teach by someone else the basics or advance but at the end of the day in a corner, you by yourself, with the power of your own analysis, thinking will build your own strategies.

  24. wala akong alam sa trading trading na to... pero hoping someday minsan sa buhay ko ma meet ko si Boss ZF at THUNDER...makakamay manlang sa kanila..hehehehe kahit wala akong maraming pera..