Thursday, September 29, 2022

Operating in Abundance

 How do you operate in abundance if life, the markets and everything else feels like its crashing down on you?

Nag prepare ka naman but still, you lost?

Ginawa mo naman lahat but still, it wasn't enough?

Inaral mo naman pero still, nag fail?

It's depressing. I know. Been there not just once, but many times and in different instances. It's part of life and part of being human.

As a trader, I think I've witnessed at least 7 bear cycles and lost millions in the process. It's a humbling experience but It was necessary for me to learn important lessons.

One lesson that I've learned is that life operates in cycles or seasons - just like the markets. There will be good times or bull markets and there will be bad times or bear markets.

Most of the time, we anchor who we are on our job, our relationships, our thoughts, our abilities, who we think we are, 

and most especially... 

the money in our bank accounts. 

Ever notice how you feel so successful when you make that good trade that makes you thousands or millions? Then feel depressed when you lose? 

Parang crypto lang eh no? Volatile.

I just turned 33 and here's one core lesson that I've learned going through these cycles.

What you have or your net worth is not your identity.

If you want to live life to the full and operate in abundance to the point where you overflow, then anchor your identity to God who is the source of everything.

As history has shown time and time again the markets will crash, pwede rin na hindi ka piliin ni crush, your investments may depreciate, you might not get that promotion that you hoped for, or win that championship, and yes all these things hurt. But if you understand who you are and how God sees and loves and chooses you every single day and anchor on that -- even if it hurts right now, you will be operating in abundance and that will translate to your future victories.

Everything fails.

God won't.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Pain and Mastery

Here's one way to visualize how traders become masters of the craft and their style. 

(Credits to RedBull)

It's months or years of trial and error and repeating the process until you achieve your desired results. 

Is it painful? 


You lose thousands and millions, sometimes your precious relationships and a bit of your sanity in the so-called "process" for what? The skill to create wealth; to regain everything you've lost and more -  time, relationships, and ultimately, 


To all you traders who are still in the process of finding themselves, may God be with you in your journey. Do tell me how it goes once you've reached mastery. I'm pretty sure it's going to be quite a story.