Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Rationale Behind Multiple Ports

You are the most fearless archer in the whole village. You wander around the woods to hunt the evil that lurks in it. You have found your target, a tiger. The foul beast that has been killing all the villager's animals and your beloved turkey that you have so dearly taken care of for the coming winter. 

You approach silently and pull out your dagger from your sidepocket. The mighty tiger knows what's going on and motions its tail as if beckoning you closer to its presence.

"I've got this" You think to yourself.

You breathe deeply as you prepare to strike. When suddenly, the tiger disappears from your sight! You then notice the painful warmth of your own blood gushing from your neck as the beast delivers a critical bite that ends you instantly.

What the hell were you thinking archer!? You had one job and you used the dagger!

Welcome to portfolio Mind setting 101 ZF Style.

I'm assuming all of you have read these 3 Posts Below :

Some of you have been wondering why the hell I do resets and have 3 different ports. Let me explain.

I'm a gamer and I look at the markets as a game. If you've played FPS (First Person Shooter), RPG (Role Playing Games), RTS (Real Time Strategy, or TBS (Turn Based Strategy) games like Team Fortress, UFO, Heroes, Final Fantasy, Diablo, Mech Commander, DOTa, etc, you will notice that there's a wide spectrum of characters and classes with their unique abilities and skill sets. One class just can't have it all. And every character has their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

If you're an archer, you attack and kill from afar. You don't go all out rambo knockin' on the enemy's front door! You play what's given to you and use it to your advantage. So act your class if you want to survive and stay in the game. If you feel the need to pet that darned tiger on the head before you kill it, switch to an assassin or a character that can take extreme punishment.

If you're a tsupitero, handling and growing a port that has 500k is easier than a port that has 2M. The bigger the port, the harder it is for the tsupitero.

If you're a trend follower, you'll probably have no issues with handling a 10M port, But it wouldn't be easy growing it performance wise as opposed to the tsuptiero.

If you are handling a sleeper port, you need to have extreme patience to endure the times when you see other stocks moving while your's are sleeping.

It's all about balancing volume, technique and the mind.

The most lethal thing a trader can do is to act the trader that they are not.

When you come to a deep level of understanding of who you are as a person, as a trader - your strengths and weaknesses, and put this into your advantage when you enter the markets, you'll be surprised of what you can do.

Port Snapshot as of 2.23.2016 Lunchbreak

Do not try to be someone who you are not. Embrace who you are. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unveiling : Project Seed

Due to popular demand, we have decided to make public our other Mentoring Project within ZFT : Project Seed.

We have been doing this since early 2015 in efforts to accomodate those traders with lesser capital but are willing to learn our ways and principles while being able to provide additional financial support to our partners doing Charity Works and our own RAK Projects, (Random Acts of Kindness) through the mentoring fees. 

(Website still under construction)

We are currently in the process of evolving our screening methods in order to find the best candidates for the program.

The mentors who are handling this project are full time traders that are products of the ZFT System - Those who have proven themselves worthy in the craft of trading and teaching. On a sidenote, ZFT Mentors are required to have at least grown their portfolios by +50% within a year. We believe you cannot be a mentor if all you can do is talk but fail to show consistent results.

At present, our 3rd batch under Project Seed will be ending this month. The next batch will be open sometime by the 3rd quarter of this year. We plan to commit more time in consolidating and improving our tribe, our RAKs, our committments to our partners who have been relentless in their quest to pay it forward to the community, and ZFT Projects that would benefit the trading community in the near future.

It isn't easy to mentor people as some people may claim. You don't just teach a system. You mold a life. 

And I feel like the time for me to pass on my legacy is near. I'll probably do 2 more subasta batches and that's it pancit!

To the future applicants who are planning to join us in our cause, see you in the Tribe.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Day One : Eques

It's been 3 long, yet short months that we've journeyed together.

We, your mentors have seen you do good and bad trades. Some were excellent and some were jaw dropping terrible.

Eques, your group name. Knights of the round table. "One for all and all for one" you always say. A statement that got you far from where you came from. And sometimes a statement that got you in trouble when one or two didn't submit their required assignments.

In such a short time, we have shared to you our life. Our principles. We have succeeded in imparting our wisdom and knowledge to you. You now wield weapons that you can use to defeat the beasts that Ms. Market unleashes upon you - Be it in seasons of the bull or the bear. We have shown you time and time again that it is possible.

And now we urge you to keep the fire burning - to stay strong in times that you take a loss. Or in times that you don't want to study. I've let you look back to your roots - TAP, and other Trading groups so you would see how you've grown. You are not sheep anymore that are gullible and helpless. You are soldiers trained to see through the lies the enemy will throw at you. 

I am sure most of you will stumble and fall in this marathon... But remember that I wouldn't be the Zeefreaks I am today if not for all the shitty losses and moments I've gone through. 

This is just the Beginning.

I say this with confidence that you can now stand on your own!

I now commission you knights to troll the truth in love and expose the lies fake kings have brought upon this land. Show them what you're made of Soldier!

Friday, February 12, 2016

A High Risk Trader's Thoughts on Mentorship

Should a Mentor charge a fee or should a Mentor have it free?

After the Green Stickman Scandal popped up, it got me thinking about how mentoring should be done.

Sidenote : Other than my port screenshot showing up in an invitation for a NON ZFT mentoring program, I have nothing against the man. I saw his posts before and I like that he actively enlightens people on finances and trading.


Mentorships exist because there are things which cannot be taught simply by reading a book.

I believe every mentor should seek to have complete independence from his or her mentee in the shortest possible time. To have the student stand on their own, strong and unwavering against whatever it is that hits him - and at some point, surpass the mentor in the chosen craft.

A mentor who seeks to have dependent, mentor-worshipping students is no mentor at all. This type of mentor is what I love to call "Guru na Ulol."

There is no such thing as free lunch.
Either you pay for it, or somebody else does.

Good mentors who don't ask their students for money or anything is a trait I admire. I have done this in days past and I still do in rare occassions and I have to say that mentoring for free isn't easy. You sacrifice your precious time to teach and mold what you know to someone - who probably won't take you seriously or use your craft against you - when you could be out somewhere in the world doing something else that you like... and for what? 

Mentoring that is free has a lot of reasons to fail. It could be that the mentor isn't equipped to handle a student - skillwise or emotionally. It could be commitment. Most of the time, It is because the student fails to see the value of the craft since they got it for FREE. I fail to comprehend the logic behind this - When some people have this mindset of taking for granted those that don't cost them anything.

The greatest tragedy of Free Mentoring is when the mentor himself is the problem. A person who is good at a craft isn't necessarily a good mentor. And a broken teacher creates broken students. The sad part of this story is that the student believes the lies as truth.

"Free Mentoring na nga, Nagrereklamo ka pa! Be quiet! Iyakin!"

If you teach a student something wrong and let him believe it is truth, should all the blame rest on the student's shoulders? I don't think so. 

So why mentor? 

This is something every "free" mentor should ponder on.


Now, how about those who ask for money or something else in return?

Our generation has gotten used to the "Instant Culture." We want and demand things with less or no effort in a single snap of our fingers.

"I paid for it with big money. I am entitled to it. Work? What work? You do it!"

The problem with some people who go for a paid mentoring is their inability to understand how mentoring works. A mentee should seek out the mentor. Not the other way around. It's not like you can magically copy-transfer an ability from someone to another in an instant. This isn't the Matrix.

And a paid mentoring fails miserably when the mentor fails to give what they don't have but act as If they have and know it all. 

You see, people will pay for something even if it costs a lot - if they see value in it.

If you buy gold coins and get gold coins, there shouldn't be an issue. But If you bought gold coins and find out they were something else, that's where things turn sour.

I see a lot of people who say that mentors who charge for a high fee is a scam. Hypocrites. 

How much does it cost to have your kids go to a private pre-school nowadays? Did you get your degree by going to a school or university that doesn't charge you a single cent? And did you get what you paid for?

In our current batch, one Eques student paid PHP 250,000 so we could mentor him. Did we ask for this amount? No. The student paid for what he believed was our Mentorship's worth. Is he satisfied? You could ask him. Goes by the troll name Sir Lancelot. 

Those who have mastered their crafts can thrive without mentees. But would it be the same for those who are just starting out and in need of a Mentor?

Paid or Free, bottom line is this:

Success as a mentor comes when the mentee achieves mastery of the craft  and where the mentee is able to enhance his life and better his surroundings.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Trading Setups : A Game of Perspective

Trading setups are a matter of perspective. whether the market is up or down, there will always be opportunity. and while opportunities exist, there is no such thing as absolute truth in the markets - only possibilities. What could be true today, might not be true tomorrow.

As traders, while it is our duty to predict and prepare, our primary objective is to react. For anyone can make predictions, but only a bold few can truly react.


This is how Fear looks like to many.

In our Market, this is how we should look at fear.

The raw movements of the prices in our markets are driven by emotion. And for us to profit from this truth, one must tame thyself of emotions.

Type of Play : Momentum
Trade Objective : Sell on Target And Trailing Stop

Type of Play : Bounce 
Trade Objective : Sell on Resistance

If fear and despair had a price. I'd totally buy it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ZFT Corporate Disclosure on Green Stickman

Here's our Official Statement on the matter

Green Stickman AKA Gayward Mendoza is not ZFT.
Crafty guy trying to mimic us for some reason.

Got this screenshot from someone.

The port screenshot you see above was shamelessly grabbed from one of my old Blog Entries dated Feb 14, 2013. If you want to see the full post, Click Here.

And in case you are wondering,
ZFT is not Accepting any students as of the moment.

We hope this post has clarified any issues connecting Green Stickman to The Tribe.

Have a good evening.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tsupita Notes : SMC

So many rumors are going around why SMC is going up.
Reminds me of my younger days of sessions of passing around "the cup"  and tell a story. 

Most of them were funny lies just for entertainment. It's probably the same thing going around here. A Buyout? The Japanese Link? I wonder why people tell me these things when they know I don't care.

And my reaction would always be...

Keep it simple. 

Type Of Play : Breakout / Momentum / TF
Trade Objective : Sell On Resistance

A total of 5 Trading Days.

The Stock Market is a game. 
And if you learn and follow its rules?

The money will follow.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Tsupita Notes : SSI

Bought the mini breakout in tranches at 1.29.2016
Type of Play : Bottom Fishing / Breakout
Trade Objective : Intraday TF

Snapshot before selling.

Panic Button Ready

 Sold after Intraday stops got hit.
Thanks to the bulk bidders, I didn't have to sell in small tranches.

SSI Daily Chart
Short term Bullish.
Mid and Long term Still Bearish.

Intraday Chart After Selling

Additional notes:

Overall trend still down.
Will buy back for tsupitas if prices stabilize or breaks out.
I'll be bitter if it closes above 3.5 and I have no shares.