Sunday, January 31, 2016

Personal Notes Series 005 : Struggles of a High Risk Trader

Money is the root of all evil they say. 
But it is not. For Money is neutral. 
It is the Love of Money that is the root of all evil.

A few days ago a friend and I were walking along the street and we saw this 50 peso bill that was within our reach. "Uy may 50 pesos oh!" But we continued walking and let the bill get blown by the wind. We laughed. 

That moment made me realize how much I have changed and how much has been provided for me - to the point that it felt like I was drowning in divine provision. God wasn't joking when He said... 

"Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this," says the Lord Almighty, "and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it."

"What are you going to do with all that money zee?" I was, and I still am in deep thought on the matter. Yes it is a blessing. But it also has become a burden.

"To whom much is given, much is also required."

And so I constantly seek wisdom as to how I will become a good steward of my talents and this resource.

I got to chat with my friends and they talk about their problems about how they're not being treated well at work, their struggles of not being able to save or just not having enough by the end of the day.

I see some people working and giving to charity and how a lot of the poor say they need money and all these resources so they could finally get out of poverty.

I wish I could help. And I wish money was the key to solve all these problems. But it isn't.

Even if you give away a million in cash, the poor will stay poor unless they change their way of thinking. And a trader or investor will constantly lose money if their mindsets in trading or investing is wrong.

I remember giving good amounts of cash to a few people when they needed help. And sadly, my giving turned out to be a curse to them. Because after a period of time, they became dependent. I might have destroyed their lives. I hope not. And so I have learned when to give and when to withhold.

Sometimes I feel so helpless and weak. You have what they want. But you can't give it to them. 
And not everyone wants your idea of help. Even if they need it.

If you genuinely want to help people, you have to help them change their mindsets. 


This week has been hard on me. Melancholy has hit me out of nowhere. Maybe I've spent too much time with myself that I got to reflect a lot about life.

Trading is my passion. But it has become boring for me. Like that feeling of completing and being the strongest character in a game where all the creeps are killed with a single blow. At some point all the fun is gone.

(I do hope I don't become bald)

The year is just starting and I've already reached my quota for 2016. 
My trading port is now 1.7M+ bigger and there's still 11 months.

And all this money I have has probably desensitized me from my simple pleasures like food, gadgets and cute stuff. Have my standards raised without me noticing it? I live a pretty simple life as opposed to what a lot of you might think. But the things I considered special have now become normal to me. If I wanted something, I'd just say "Isang Tsupita lang yan." Oh the arrogance.

I have carefully evaluated myself and understand the need for me to exercise restraint and for me to once again connect and relate with civilians. My contact with other humans has become too minimal this month. And being ZF has put me in an awfully weird position. People expect me to do things and act a certain way. I simply want to be an anonymous troll enlightening people to the truth and exposing bullshit when needed. And I am not some cold hearted Klingon warrior that feels nothing - I have feelings too.

Gaining insights from the wisest man who walked the earth in the book of Ecclesiastes has pushed a lot of my buttons these days. I felt like the dude was my best friend for a moment. 

"Life is meaningless."

Indeed it is, if you are without purpose. 

Yes. Money can buy a lot of things, but It certainly can't buy lasting happiness and contentment - even if you do honorable things like give all your money to the poor or do good works. For There's a constant void in everyone of us...

And only God can fill it.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Stock Filters

A lot in ZFT have asked me why I don't use filters. Many who know my system and made filters out of it are able to find stocks with specific plays within seconds with just one click. For someone as lazy as me, it's pretty convenient. It's like having a cheat sheet in a game.

So why don't I use filters? I could. I've got access to our Tribe's Beta filter that's pretty awesome. But I guess I just find art and beauty in manually looking at the many charts out there even if they don't mean me money. Like looking at the clouds or star gazing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Starter's Guide To The Stock Market

This is Dedicated to all my friends and relatives who have been asking me about the stock market.


Take the first step. 

Open An Account! I notice karamihan sa mga nagtatanong, hangang dito lang. Tanong about stocks, pano kumita, etc. pero never nag oopen ng account. Please lungs, don't waste precious time. Once you open an account, the excitement naturally comes in. Trust me. Parang yung feeling na may napanalunan ka sa mall raffle, tapos pag dating mo sa claim booth, ballpen lang pala. #realtalk

Hindi mo kailangang maging super yaman para uminvest. Sa halagang P10,000 ay makakapag open ka na ng investment account. Maid nga ni Bo Sanchez nakapag invest. 

What's your excuse?


Yes. The Stories are True.

I know we have heard some stories from people na kumita ng malaki sa stocks. "A friend of a friend" na kumita ng 6 digits, 7, and even 8 or more. Parang scam lang. Pero I'm sure mas marami kayong mga narinig na nalugi. 5 figures, 6, 7, pati mga life savings. Yung tipong pati bahay at aso binenta na dahil sa laki ng lugi. 

Akala mo joke pero hindi. Sometimes exagge na yung mga kwento pero sa mundo ng stocks, anything goes!

People who lose in the stock market and tell you not to invest kasi gambling siya are people you want to, but at the same time don't want to listen to. Bitter ocampo sila. Sino ba namang hindi mabibitter after malugi? So let us learn from their example. 

Parang exam lang. Pag hindi ka nag aral, don't expect na pumasa ka. 

But for those who work hard and invest their time in financial literacy or learning how the market works, sure ako you won't be bitter in the end. Who knows? You could be the next billionaire like lolo Warren Buffet.

Kaya Aral Muna Bago Invest. 


Manage Expectations

In stocks, pwede kang kumita ng up to +50% in a day. So if you have P1,000 invested sa isang stock at kinabukasan ay umabot sa kisame, abay siguradong may pang eat-all-you-can-for-two ka na. From 1k to 1.5k in a day. Imagine that. Kaso, once in a blue moon lang nangyayari yan. Okay lang. Libre mangarap. 

Pero you have to understand na hindi sa lahat ng panahon maayos ang takbo ng merkado. May mga seasons na mabilis kumita, and may mga season na mas madaling olats. Parang internet connection mo lang. Sasabihin ay up to 1MBPs pero yung average speed mo ay mga 50-200KBPs lang. 

Pwedeng pwede ka ring malugi ng -50% in a day! Kapag yan na experience mo, good bye eat all you can, Hello pancit canton!

Kaya know the seasons when and when not to invest. Again. Aral aral din pag may time.


Look for credible Mentors

In this field, It's dog eat dog. Hindi lahat ng expert sa stocks gusto ka tulungan. At hindi lahat ng "expert" ay expert, kasi pwedeng nagmamarunong lang dahil kumita noong bull market or naka jackpot sa isang super stock. Pwede ring Scammer! Maraming ganyan. Lakas mamigay ng investment advice pero olats naman sa trades. Parang yung classmate mo lang nung college or high school na itatawag nating si Fe, ang galing mamigay ng love advice pero No Boyfriend Since Birth. 


Kapag may ginyos na nagmamagaling dahil nga "magaling" siya sa kanyang investment calls, simple lang para malaman kung siya ay legit. Ask for proof. Ask for historical transactions or a ledger.

Kung wala siyang mapakita, jokingly say
"Pics or It Didn't happen."
And slowly walk away.

Learning alone is possible naman. Having someone to guide you speeds up everything. Pero pag nagkamali ka ng pagpili ng mentor, for sure speed up din yung losses mo. Kaya wag magpapa ulol!

Take every advice with a grain of salt.


Final Words of Advice

Now, they say that at some point when people invest in stocks, marami ang nagiging relehiyoso. Lalong-lalo na kapag ipit na ang kanilang investment. 

But "Buy and Pray" is the worst strategy of all. Kapag ginawa mo ito, Juice Colored! Dinamay mo pa ang Diyos sa kalokohan mo at nakipag kompitensya ka pa sa mga tumataya sa loto.

Pero know this : 

Wala pa akong kilalang successful na investor or trader na hindi umincurr ng loss. Normal po yan. Consider these losses as your tuition. The only time your loss becomes a loss is when you don't learn from them.

Never give up. Dati rin akong baguhan at olats.




Ganito pala ang ibig sabihin ng "let your money work for you" nakatambay lang ako sa bahay nyan at walang ginagawa. P1,500,000 in 5 Trading Days. Parang Scam lang...

 Pero legit.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Simple Truth of The Markets

So I was just peacefully watching my Agents Of Shield episode
 while waiting for this day to be over when suddenly out of the 
blue someone sent me this:

"Imagine a color you've never seen before.
Now do that 10 more times.

That's how multidimensional thinking is. 
And that's exactly how you'll get rich!"

This is how brokers and other smart asses try to sell 
you their dope in this kind of market sentiment.

The market is simple. Bull or Bear. 
It always has been. And it always will be.

No matter how long you have been in the markets, 
if you cannot grasp this simple truth, you will lose.

If you want to survive and make money, Follow the trend. 

And Since you guys have asked, here's how I'm doing.



Update 1.19.2016 

I'll just leave these screenshots here for future use.
Remember, ZFT always remembers those who speak 
truth or lies of us. We're watching you.

Post Update 1.20.2016

here's the link to that 
Click here

Post Update 1.21.2016

For those who are still saying it's Photoshopped, 
this one is for you guys.