Saturday, April 28, 2012

What if?

It has been a while since my last post. I've been busy lately. "Vacation mode" as some people say.
But i still MAKE time to check on the markets.

Here's a little treat for you guys. 
(You better load up for next week.)

Don't you just love snacking on CHIcharon?

Oh and before I forget, here's a little thought that has been tickling my mind recently.

(Click Image to Enlarge)

MAKE made a clear breakout from its descending channel 3 days ago.
RSI currently at the 60's

You do know what happened to PWR after it broke out from PISO right? 
Hmmmm... Maybe I'm just thinking too much. Anything can happen here. 

Chart Updated: 4/30/2012

How about you? What MAKEs your day?

(Chart update 5.4.2012)

(Chart update 5.11.2012)

Won't recommend a buy at these levels. 
But interesting.. WWJD? - What Would Jockeys Do? Hihihihi
I hope they damn the RSI and just push it up to the 40s!