Tuesday, January 10, 2017

COL : A glitch in the System

Hello and welcome to ZF's first and last ever guide to COL's full window loophole! If you're an active and hardcore COL trader, this one's for you.

Now I know some of you guys are pretty tired of COLfinancial not allowing multiple full windows as opposed to when it was still CitisecOnline. I can imagine the frustration for people who have to deal with slow internet and need to do multiple transactions during panic moments - because it doesn't just cause you to have huge amounts of mental stress, nakakapangit din siya.

So I've decided to share this little loophole to all ya'll COL users out there. (Make sure you don't share it to anyone from COL or the party might just stop.)

Step 1 : Login to your account. (Duh Zee!)
And start to open lesser windows.

Notice that I've opened several other lesser windows from the Main window. Take note that if you close the main window, it will close all the other lesser windows that came from it. I'm pretty sure you already know that, just sayin you know. 

And also notice the date (Jan 8) which means, I haven't turned off this trading laptop since that time - I just let it sleep. This is unnecessary information though, I just wanted to make this step lengthy to read. LOL

On the 3rd tab, you'll notice it's a full window, just like the first. And yep! This is the kind of window we'd like to achieve. 

On the 4th tab, you'll see it's a lesser window under Broker's Ranking (this came from the main window) 

On the 5th tab, you'll see it's another lesser window under Portfolio (this also came from the main window) 

Let's go back to the 3rd tab, under portfolio so you'd see the difference between a Main and a Lesser Window.

Step 2 : Login using a different browser, then logout.

Step 3 : In your main trading browser, refresh one of the lesser windows - I used the 5th tab under portfolio. (DO NOT REFRESH THE MAIN WINDOW) This will redirect you to COL's homepage. 

Try to login. 



Main window achieved! 

Important things to note:

1. If you refresh the new Main window, it will only close the other windows that came from it. It won't close the original window.

2. If you go to the tab where the new Main window came from, it will automatically close itself.

I guess that's about it. Have fun!



And after reading some of the comments below... Looks like those work too now! EASIER pa! (I remember COL wouldn't allow that before after detecting another active full window within the same browser.)

New Tab ---> COL ---> Then just login (if they redirect you to the homepage)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Personal Notes Series 013 : IX and the process of a high risk mentor

It was July of 2013 when I first started teaching a bunch of people about stocks - they were a mix of interested to desperate people. I didn't have the complete ZFT system then. It was just a couple of setups and tools that I put together from observing several popular traders during that time. It wasn't much but it worked on a few trade setups. 

I taught the first batch, Mithril - Kapitan's batch, because I genuinely wanted to help out. I didn't ask for money or favors, only that they pay it forward to two non-blood related kids in the form of education (paaral nila from elementary to college.)

Not long after that another batch came, and another, and another. We had sleepless nights and it didn't help that we played the schedule and curriculum by ear. Boy it was tiring! But it was also satisfying. 

I learned a lot as a human being and as a mentor.

Not everyone learns at the same pace.
Not everyone gives value to things that are given for free.
Not everyone has the same level of passion and dreams.

Not everyone wants your help.
Not everyone appreciates your kindness.
Not everyone sees the world through your eyes.

Even if you do good, some people will still find fault.
And most people will be quick to judge according to their perception of reality.

The list goes on.

I started out as an Idealist. Believing there's genuine goodness in people. But after several batches, I've become more of a realist. My views became balanced. 

Dealing with people inside and outside ZFT reinforced and helped me find my core values in life. I learned not to sugarcoat the truth and accept that not everyone can be saved and not everyone has your best interest in mind.


I was back-reading my Skype conversations and it just sank in how Kidlat would be retiring from mentoring the Subasta batches and that IX would be the Kaptain's last. This was something inevitable but I didn't realize it would be this early. IX would also be my last as a Subasta Mentor.

I personally feel the need to move on to my next phase in life.

(I'm still contemplating if we would pass this project on to the next Generation of ZFT Elites)

"If money wasn't an issue, what would you be doing right now?"

I posed this question last Month.

Aside from my answer of travelling and experiencing cultures, do the things I wished I could do when I was but a child, troll, game on my favorite unit... I do feel the need to search for and start my own family - and this I believe, will take a lot of time and dedication from me.

Because what else is there to do Zee?

What would you do if you were in your 20s and have a collective of ports in the 8 Figures? I'm open to ideas. Let me know in the comments below.


Remember this post?

(Click here to read)

We've already successfully duplicated ourselves to others and it's time for us to pass on the ZFT flag to the next generation.

I'd say ZFT's total popoulation has already reached the first hundred. I'm confident to declare that at least 10% have made it to the full time trader mark where they can milk the markets in ANY given condition. And I'm waiting for this number of full time traders to increase by this year. It just melts my heart whenever I see another ZFT out of the rat race. Nakaka proud.

I do not wish to build a legacy. That's why we hide behind masks. If people would know my name and see my face, credit and judgement would fall to me. If there's something I wish people would remember, it's this : 

A story of how God raised some stock market newbie who's imperfect, lazy and unorthodox to be successful in the markets and bring hope to the community. Because I shit you not, I wouldn't be here if God didn't walk with me through this Journey. I'd probably be somewhere abroad, managing some business. 

And If I was able to do it, why can't anyone else?

I hope that The Project SEED team and the whole ZFT community would continue this culture of paying it forward.

Special thanks to those who have been tirelessly working to make things life easier and fun for the ZFT and the whole trading community. Good job to the people behind the Badge WarsThunderbolt, Olympiad, The Oracle, and Excalibur - you know who you are.

To the incoming IX batch, Let's do this!