Welcome to the list of Hidden Pages.
The pages that lie here have been hidden for a reason.
If you decide to 'invite' some people to view this page, 
their blood will be on your hands.


The Mandate
A must read for Everyone

Trading The ZF Way
Compilation of Important Pages in the Diary

Anatomy of Baggers
Examples of killer trades and even baggers - how it starts and how to play them.
Risk Level: Low
Skill Required: Beginner

Charts of Price Action
Just archives of Charts and the Price Action 
that brought about killing trades.

Ceiling Plays 101
Yeah.. You read that right...
A page dedicated just for these bad ass plays.

FDP Trades
Throwback Trades 
For Discussion Purposes

The Doctor's Operations
One hell of a stock operator.
The Boring way to baggers.

Free Shirt For ZF Students

None of the Pages here are Absolute. I am no God.