Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

LMG : A Recollection

Reasons for buying LMG that time:
Fresh Basura.
Candidate for Borg Plays.
Backdoor Rumor.

Ending TradingPort 1.25.12

Ending TradingPort 1.31.12

This is LMG's Ending Bid/Ask Board for 1.21.2013

This board is very similar to the one during LMG's borg run of 2012.
(Notice the Bid side. Those aren't pads but real orders) 
Obviously Jockeys are back. But the question is, 
will there be a REPLAY?

Last year, Jockeys used brokers PCCI, AT De Castro, SG Roxas,
 and DA Market to dominantly clean the board and push up the
 price. - Chucky Brokers.

There were two rumors that time, 
1 -  Backdoor Ongoing.
2 - Moonie Lim of the famous BW had "Plans."

(I have no idea which brokers they used to do the EQ Trades)

Board Conditioning 2/13/2013
(For Documentation Purposes only)

Chart Update 2.23.2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ZHI : A Case Study

Fool me once, shame on you...
Fool me twice.. shame on me...

I wonder what rumor they unleashed on the markets this time.

The Ceiling Season...
Has it come?

ZHI's recent move reminds me of the good old days...

I remember this stock being 2011's "Mountain King"
The strongest GREEN on the sea of RED.

The Charts below, I post as a Swing Trader.

Dear Students, Read, Analyze, Digest.
Setting Tight Stops

Post Update

Post Update

ZHI Chart 1.31.2013
(Market Not yet closed)

Post Update

The Aftermath...

Possible Bounce in the coming days.

Such is the cycle.
Techs don't lie.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fibonacci ZF Style

Just look at that smug look!
I'm sure he'd be raking in all that moolah if he was still alive.

As a Momentum/Position Trader,

This is how I look at those Fibonacci Retracements on Charts

Click Images To Enlarge.

Shaded Green is Bull Territory - As long as 38% Fibo holds, 
Expect your money to make MORE money.

Shaded Yellow is a Tug of War between Bulls and Bears. 
The area between 38-50 is sideways with Bullish Bias, 
While the area between 50-61 is sideways with Bearish Tendencies.
This area could also be seen as accumulation/dumping level - take your pick.

Shaded Red is Bear Territory. You don't want to be treading within these waters. 
Unless you're here for the bounce.

Shaded Brown - 6 Feet Deep. Rest In Pieces.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Investor Mode : AP

Using TA, I'm trying to find and "time" good
[strong fundamentals] stocks for long term investment.

My Criteria In selecting stocks for this page:
1 - Must have Good Fundamentals (Obviously)
2 - Moves Faster Than the Usual Blue Chip or has "controlled" movements.
3 - Good Liquidity - Enough to Buy 8 Figures Worth of Shares and still be able to sell with ease
4 - Ripe Technicals - Where Technicals tell you there's a possibility for at least 10% upside within 3 Months.

Techs Are ripe for another BORG RUN!
AP currently in Type B Movement.
I'm expecting it to do a Type C in the coming days.

AP Daily Chart

There are no Target Prices.
Only Trailing Stops.