Monday, October 24, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Watchlist: FOOD

"Would You like some of my FOOD?"

Evil chef seems to be plotting something...

(Click to Enlarge)

During the last Minutes of Trading, there was a sudden bid - pad of 15M+ Shares at 1.24.
I guess Tower badly wanted to know who made the pad.

Tower: "Aha!" PEP: "Touché"

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Watchlist: ABA (Part 2)

Here's The Bad news:

It was all staged.


The Good news is, we just broke the psychological P1 Mark, and made 
an all time high at 1.13! We are at the next level of distribution.

What happened today is widely known as "Pasa-load." - A move usually seen in Jockeyed stocks.
Different Brokers but the same entity would "pass" the "load" to create artificial volume and activity. 
The result? Entity behind the scheme wins BIG! And of course, the little sheep gets slaughtered.

"You like that Carrot Don't you?!"

Here are the top 10 Buyers/Sellers for ABA today. (Click the images to Enlarge)
Care to guess which brokers serve the same master?

Top 10 Sellers
Top 10 Buyers

Before you buy, it is important to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of that particular stock.

If you bought and held today. I think You're in deep ****.

Support now at psychological P1SO.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thoughts in Arts: Chinaman vs MICobra

Anybody want to guess where the Chinaman Strikes?

For those of you who haven't seen a Mongoose vs Cobra fight, Click here...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Sentiment Cycle

(Courtesty of BHI - Click Image to Enlarge)

A company that submitted their FS in the nick of time. (Pinoy Company nga!) 
No matter how good the 'figures' are, this act and mindset is just another form of BS. 

I believe in investing in companies that don't only have good track records, 
But also a management with excellent command and initiative in the business.
BHI is not one of them.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Who wants to play the IPit Game? (Part 1)

After a major resistance break. Expect many days of previous candlesticks to look like Ants in the Chart.

We do look like ants right?

Now we just need to observe the law of gravity in the coming days.

Always have a plan in playing the IPit game.
The Coyotes in this Game have one. Make sure you have one-two.

Additional Notes:

Brokers to Watch: Value Quest - Currently holding the Biggest Bag. (Or should I say Bomb?)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The BoHemIan Church: Conclusion

(Update Oct 12)

Its funny how people quickly have a change of heart. I remember when BHI was having wild upswings and everybody was gaining. Lots of praises to the company owners and especially to those people who shared their "insider info".

But now that the tides have turned, what do they do? They blame the same people for their losses. 

If one would only be objective in trading.
He could have gained a maximum of 27.65% from BHI today, buying at the lows, and selling at the days high. 
Ok. Ok. highly improbable, so let's just say a minimum of 10% Gain. Not bad for a day's trade.
(Even Higher for tomorrow's rally - If there is one.)

If you already have the money. Then be a Judas Trader. 
BHIlieve (BUY), then BHItray (SELL)
And rid yourself of all emotions.

Or you'll end up like the real Judas when he became emotional.

BHIlieved, BHItrayed, but in the end nag BHIgti.
(Loss of at least 25%)


(Original Post Oct 11)

For those who BHIlieved 'other people' , they are now feeling BHItrayed.
When you play this kind of game, never trust anyone but yourself.

Here's a Quick Review of the BoHemIan Church:

Kinds of BHIlievers:

BHIlieved, at BHIniyaya. 
(Gain of at least 10%)

BHIlieved, but went to the BHIlibids.
(Loss of at least 10%)

BHIlieved, yet BHInitay
(Loss of at least 25%)

BHIlieved, pero naliBHIng.
(Loss of at least 50%)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thoughts in Arts: Averaging Down

I really don't have any problems averaging down - that is, if I'm Investing.
But when it comes to trading, Averaging down is a big NO-NO.

Some traders when stuck, would find their hope rekindled when their issue rallies.
And if they have the money, they add to their losing position.

This kind of situation is like finding light dangling in some pitch black abyss.

Ain't that Light just pretty you'd touch it? 

Well, most traders just don't see the BIG Picture. 

There are always Big Evil Fishes behind these rallies.

Of course.. It's just me talking.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoughts in Arts: Play with Caution

"I Always Win."

Watchlist: ABA

Here lies a watchlist of stocks with very fishy figures.
Might be worth a look. Might be not.

"I'm still thinking about it..."


Additional Notes:

Jockeyed Stock

Descending Triangles: DFNN Part 2

And we have a go!

"Oh yes.. I also own this baby." 

DFNN Daily Chart

"And if you're patient enough..."

DFNN Weekly Chart

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mahilig ka ba sa Enternet Games? Part 2

For today's post, I'd like to give the floor to the Dark Side's brainchild.

"My name is Dr. CAca, head of operations.
For those of you who bought tickets to my show, 
I will now brief you as to what to expect."

"Please Click the Image Below to Enlarge"

"Once the operation is completed, the subject is expected to die.
No Miracles, No Nothing."

-- (Update October 5) --

"Any Questions?"

. . .

Boxes to Watch.

"Currently the subject is within the 2nd Level Box. By next week, we expect it to be in the 3rd Level, 
then knocking on the big 4th. - A move we shall be timing in tandem with one of our other projects."

-- --

"For those left behind by the end of this operation, 
Some of the remaining by-products will be passed from person A, to B, then C....
Bottom-line? The Last one out eats the crappiest crap."

"I shall be posting our progress as we move along the operation.
Enjoy the show while it lasts. Thank you"

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Thoughts in Arts: The Zero Sum Game

The Zero Sum Game

"now you're buying the price of a bolt and having the whole car. :D" -xoxoi123

the above statement can also be:

"now you're buying a whole car and you only get the bolt."

Now the qestion is.. Are you holding a Car? 
Or are you Holding a Bolt?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Trading Psychology: Ipitsky - Animals and Traders

If this little guy was given even the slightest chance to escape, he would.

Ipitsky Rodent (and Trader)

Wouldn't you?

I'm Freeeeee!
Rodent Escapes (Trader Sold for Breakeven or Cutloss)

But many traders when given the chance, would wait and hope.
For what? I wonder.

They usually end up like this:

Rodent Eaten (Trader in Deep S**T)

Yes. The market is a big food chain.
Eat or Be Eaten.

With all the volatility in the market, 
remember to cut your losses boys and girls. 

Volume: The Sign that tells you "Game OVER"

The Blow-off signals the end of the 'play'

Abnormally High Volume compared to previous days + Candlestick making a new recent high 
(and usually with an upper shadow)

The shorter the play, the easier it is to find.

IP Daily Chart
ISM Daily Chart
PEP Daily Chart
PAL Daily Chart

Once a blowoff is made, expect a sharp decline, then a bounce 
(bounce will not exceed blowoff's highest point), 
then price action that will eventually lead to stock inactivity.