Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trading The ZF Way : Subasta for VII

ZFT Batch 7 is now open for applications. 
And just like the last batch, we will be doing it via Subasta (Auction).

So here are the Rules and Guidelines:

There will be no capital requirement or cap/limit.

There will be 12 slots ONLY.

The Starting bid for a slot will be at 20k (PHP). There will be no 
maximum bid. The minimum bid increment is 5k (PHP)

You may submit your Bid(s) via Messaging the ZF FB Page.

The Bidding Phase will start on September 28 and end on October 10. 
You will only be allowed to bid a maximum of 5 times.

And before you message your bid please fill up the 
google doc form here  

Once you have registered, all you have to do next is to 
bid during the subasta weeks.

We won't be entertaining applicants
 who aren't in our Database.

Applicants will be required to show proof
 that they can pay the amount they have bid. 
(Recent Unshaded Port Snapshot/ Bank Statement) 

In game rules will be added/removed from time to time 
during each phase. So always check the ZF FB page.

Grounds for Disqualification/Banning:

+ Using a troll account.

+ Asking irrelevant questions that could have been 
answered if you only read this whole blogpost.

+ We favor no one. Friends do not get discounts or any special
 privileges. Please follow protocol and message the ZF FB page.

+ Bidding 6 Times (unless you win special privileges).

+ If we feel something is 'off' about you even if you are capable of paying loads of money.


If we don't get the maximum number of students, we will still proceed with the program. 

Once you have won a slot, you will be given the bank details 
where you will pay the final amount of your slot's worth.

Because of a previous incident we have also decided to disallow
 payment in Tranche / Installment for this and future batches.

If you have won the slot, but fail to pay during your given pay
 dates, your slot will be given to the highest bidder who is next in line.

Program Timetable:

Classes are done through Skype
8PM - 11PM, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 
(excluding PH holidays), Philippine Time

+ Taking this course does not guarantee your 
right of entry to the Tribe.

+ Subasta rules are subject to change without prior notice.

Click link below to see how the last Subasta went:


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Technicals or Fundamentals

It's a bull market. Everything works.

But what happens when the bears visit town?

Many traders and investors would find their methodologies tested
 during this phase. It's a time where you find out what works best
 and what doesn't. 

I've heard countless stories of people and their experiences. How 
they gained big or small but lost more. I would find their system
 and approach good. Be it a fundamental or technical approach, it
 would usually be a system that is well toiled and thought of.

So what went wrong?

The most important thing people forget when treading and trading
 the markets is the mindset. A system based on fundamentals or
 technicals in its purest form is just sets of "if, then, else" 


IF A breaks-out of 10, Then Buy at 10.01-10.1 ;

IF B is [insert fundamentally sound principle], Then Hold/Buy ;

else, avoid ;

Simple right?

But why is it so hard to act on it?

Because numbers are constant. Your emotions are not.

And while some people would argue that you can mix both
 fundamentals and technicals, I believe you just can't.

Either of the two works, that is... if you use the right approach.
And No. you can't choose Ereudite.