Friday, November 28, 2014

Trading 101 : The Art of Cutting Losses

Losing in stocks is like having a bad relationship you want to end.
 But for some sentimental reason, you just can't.


Yeah Right...

And soon, you find yourself drained mentally  and physically by all
 the emotional baggage,. You could have let go and ended it. 
But no! you think to yourself:

"But it's already too late."


"There's still hope!"

When you start chanting these words in your mind. Your port 
 might end up like the ports of two Basura fund managers 
that I happen to stumble upon somewhere.

Specimen A 

Specimen B 

Are you in a similar position? 

I'm sure the stocks in these ports didn't  become the vile 
beasts that they are overnight. So if you find yourself in a bad
position, sit back and evaluate.

"Is it time to let go?"

Cutting is painful. But if you don't want to be sitting in a corner 
crying like a little bitch, then end it early.

Remember : 

There is no shame in taking a loss. 
So cut to trade another day.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The ISland

You know there's a high chance a film is 
horror if the title has this pattern:

The + *insert random noun*


Are you ready for the Dive?

Bulls make money, Bears make money, 
And Newbies get slaughtered. Unless they're really lucky.

 So Just for the records, I'll leave this here.

IS Weekly Chart As of 11/24/2014

No matter what the gurung ulols and your favorite barbero say, 
you know shit just hit the fan when that weekly RSI goes below 70.

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Dear Trident and Pentatonic: if you are able to buy and 
have an average not higher than 5 flucs from the lowest 
bounce point, you get a one-time-no-expiry ticket to see
 my un-shaded trading port for 'cheating' purposes.

If you are able to buy exactly at the lowest point of the 
bounce, you get to trade with me on the next play.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Just for the Records : MRC

If you think I'm hyping, well.. I kinda am. Since I rarely post and show the stocks I hold, (unlike before.) My reason for buying is purely techs. No tips, no rumors, no "friends-tayo" buys. I'm just trying out this new case study of market cycles, and finding potential multibagger basuras before the crowd gets in. And currently, it's rewarding me well.

Because reading all those other crap, including those disclosures?

MRC Weekly Chart (As of 11/1/2014)

I don't have a TP. And if you're wondering why I don't 
make TPs then you better read this:

Another reason why I'm posting this here is for bragging rights.
You see all those gurus and 'ginyoses' posting charts yet have not a
 single damned share in their port(s). When the end for this cycle comes, I'd
 like to be one of the annoying ones who say....

"I told you so..."

Now for those of you who read this post, and buy because of what
 you read just remember that I'm ready to unload my hoard when
the tide turns and my expectations are not met.

I understand that I've gained quite a number of haters, 
and people who just want to see my port burn.


Port C : Sleeper

Shake me if you can. 
Because this port got all the time in the world.