Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How does your Mind Operate?

When I was in high-school, I had a certain hate for my classmates who were at the top 10. But not equally. The lesser the number, the higher the intensity. They didn't really do anything wrong to me and in fact, they were kind and very accommodating to us when we asked for help.

Human nature when studied is quite interesting.

You see, I didn't really hate them. My top classmates were merely a reflection of my laziness and inability to perform. I knew deep inside that I deserved where I was, but studying at the same level as them required too much work. On one hand, I relished the feeling of having perfect scores but on the other, the easy way out was to rationalize, play the victim card and do the blame game.

I found comfort in average and with people who thought the same as I.

"They cheated."
"Yabang naman nito!"
"Sipsip kasi sa Teachers."
"Maraming pera, binili yung spot."
"I'd rather have a life than being a top student."


Let me tell you something about Bragging/Yabang. In our culture, the equation for that is this:
Yabang = if you show more than what I can Show or what my Ego can tolerate.

Let that sink in.


In its basest form, we're all kids inside, and one way out is to be aware of how our mind works. True power doesn't lie in the tool, but the mind that uses it.

And money is merely a tool.

As for the video I posted [you may click the link here, make sure to grab some popcorn], I may or may not have took it. It might or might not have been from the earnings that I traded.

If I posted an amount that was lower than what the average can handle, I'd most likely get no response or probably a few scoffing comments. But if I posted an amount that was higher than what the average can take, that's the time we'd see varying levels of scorn.
What you should be concerned of is not what I show or what I say, but how you think and respond to what you see. For I am merely a temporary passing in your life, YOU however, are permanent.

Consider this a sort of.... Self diagnosis.
[Case studies for: 48 Laws of Power #37 #46, SOMM Wealth File #1, #6, #17 Also, Quota na po ako sa Insurance.]

So tell me, How does your mind operate?

Monday, March 4, 2019

A Synergy of Trading, Poker and Winners

Poker and trading have a lot of similarities. It's a game of probabilities, risk management, trading psychology, and endurance. I was never able to fully appreciate the game until recently.

Celeste showed me a video of a poker match and asked me to explain what was going on and why it was such a big deal. Here's the link https://www.facebook.com/NYCPOKERCLUB/videos/2008663292581147/

That lead me to download the game and spend hours playing. The stale market didn't help as well. What else should you do if your setups don't show but to distract yourself elsewhere?

The week after, I got invited to one of Kaizen's regular meetups. And guess what? There was a poker session and I got a chance to play with one of Asia's poker champions, Javi/Taylor. The game was totally different from the app. I could see people's reactions, my emotions were heightened, and there was a lot of chatter, similar to market noise.

If I were to describe the whole experience to you, it felt like I got back to being a level one trader. It was exciting! And I loved it.

I lost 200PHP that day. But I learned a lot.

Taylor was generous enough to share to us his learnings from a 2k USD seminar he attended, conducted by one poker legend. I won't go into the details but I'll share a few that have similarities to trading.

There are Three Levels in playing Poker
1. Playing the probabilities of the Cards dealt with you.
2. Anticipating and Playing your opponent's Cards.
3. And lastly, Deception.

If you are dealt a good hand, raise. In trading, that's called averaging up. If the odds are in your favor and you're winning, add to your position. Otherwise, you're wasting an opportunity.

If you are dealt with a bad hand, cut your losses and wait for a better hand. If you raise without a potential win when the flop appears, in trading, that's called averaging down. But that's the stupidest thing you can do unless you're a level 3 poker player who's crazy enough to try and pull a bluff.

I tried to play in situations where I had to divide my attention between playing and getting things done. It did not end well. It's the same as trading if your attention is divided when you plan and finally execute, chances are, it won't go towards your favor.

I mentioned that poker is waiting and an endurance game. Because just like trading you WAIT for your setups. Sitting out of the market is a skill everyone should develop. How many times have you experienced forcing trades and ending up losing because you were bored? How many of those ended up a huge mess because you kept raising until you were fully committed?

Don't ever Bluff with the Market - that shit doesn't work here.

If your setups don't appear, simply 




"We play our risks and probabilities well in poker when we're dealt a good hand, pero sa trading, we mess it all up dahil bored. It doesn't make sense!"

Scraffy (top 5 of 2017 Investacup) explained to us. 

"So whenever I have the itchy fingers, I go to metro-walk and spend a thousand on Poker. Better to lose the money there and satisfy my itch than lose millions in the markets."

After learning these things, I was able to grow the virtual account by x20 with lesser time and effort. But I understand that consistent success isn't overnight and I have a long way to go when it comes to poker. I'm simply amazed by the law of averages at work. If you want to reduce your learning curve, if you want to learn how to win, Spend time with winners, STFU and listen - literally Spend if you have to. 

Don't be average. Throw your sense of pride and entitlement. Stop the blame game. Stop complaining and playing the victim. Nobody owes you anything. Don't wait for opportunities to come to you.


Take responsibility and Deal with it.


The week after, It was my turn to host the show. A tradecation with fellow ZFTs, friends from Kaizen and Caylum. The experience was unique than our usual sessions since the learning was peer to peer, from a different cultural standpoint.

It made me realize there's a DNA to winners. A lot of us grew up thinking that winning is a one-time thing. You win when you graduate. You win when you get first place. You win when you become the boss of your company. You win when you're the only one left standing. This is bullshit.

Winning is not a one-time thing. It is a continuous process. And for you to become a winner in whatever you do, you must develop the right habits and the right beliefs. If you won a competition by bending rules and cheating, you lost to yourself - don't live a fairytale and fool yourself. 

Because How we win matters. 

Have you ever heard of the phrase "trust the process?"

If you follow this, then good for you! But good means average. And being average is not enough. If you want to be great at anything, you shouldn't just trust the process.