Monday, July 30, 2018

Personal Notes Series 015 : Next Generation Seeds

If you try to plant corn seeds from a different environment, there would be a high probability that the seeds would produce weak corn, as opposed to planting corn seeds that are natives of the land. It is not because it is weak that it grows as such, but because of its parent's "data implant" on the seed. This includes information on the pests, the weather, the soil, and everything else that would ensure the plant's survival and proliferation. 

Without proper cultivation and protection, the corn from foreign origins could face severe attacks from nature and die. But if it survives and bears fruit, it then implants adaptive data onto the next seed so the next generation will become better and stronger. And after several generations, it becomes a native.

"The Next Generation will always be better than the last."

...and humans are no different. 


But we do have issues when it comes to our culture and human nature. We, humans, have a tendency to be jealous and spiteful, instead of being happy for the talents and success of others - especially when it comes to the younger generation. 

"Masyado ka pang bata para jan!"

"Marami ka pang kakaining bigas boy!"

There have been many instances in my life where I was underestimated and ridiculed for my age even if I showed excellent results. And I'm sure everyone has their own version. But I had my bitter taste of this reality when one of the stock market personalities of my time who I looked up to, referred to me in a group chat [where I wasn't included] and said  :

"So young and yet so corrupt."

I always wondered why he said that - and why a lot of us wouldn't hesitate to do the same thing. Maybe because of the drive for significance and constant approval of others? Or the unpleasant feeling of becoming obsolete in today's society? Probably the inevitable realization that our golden time has passed and it is now another's?

I share this because of the success and achievements of my peers, my former students, and the new stars in the trading industry. I'm not getting any younger and it is inevitable that I be compared to others. That's just how society works.

"Sinong mas magaling?"

"Mas magaling na si ******** kesa kay Zee!"

I was born in a family of achievers. Both my parents, my brother, and sister, they all excelled in their chosen fields. I was the odd one. Growing up, I lived in their shadow - the expectation that I too, should be an achiever.

I hated it. 

I wanted to create my own path.

There will always be someone weaker and stronger than me. So I learned to move forward, accept and love who I am. And that I too am a master of my own talents - Striving to become the best version of myself in whatever I do. For we can never control how people see us, but we can control how we react and see ourselves.

Instead of spiting and competing with the next generation, why not admire and collaborate?
Instead of being jealous of others, why not be genuinely happy with their success?

Let us build the next generation. 
For they are not our enemy, but our legacy.