Friday, February 12, 2016

A High Risk Trader's Thoughts on Mentorship

Should a Mentor charge a fee or should a Mentor have it free?

After the Green Stickman Scandal popped up, it got me thinking about how mentoring should be done.

Sidenote : Other than my port screenshot showing up in an invitation for a NON ZFT mentoring program, I have nothing against the man. I saw his posts before and I like that he actively enlightens people on finances and trading.


Mentorships exist because there are things which cannot be taught simply by reading a book.

I believe every mentor should seek to have complete independence from his or her mentee in the shortest possible time. To have the student stand on their own, strong and unwavering against whatever it is that hits him - and at some point, surpass the mentor in the chosen craft.

A mentor who seeks to have dependent, mentor-worshipping students is no mentor at all. This type of mentor is what I love to call "Guru na Ulol."

There is no such thing as free lunch.
Either you pay for it, or somebody else does.

Good mentors who don't ask their students for money or anything is a trait I admire. I have done this in days past and I still do in rare occassions and I have to say that mentoring for free isn't easy. You sacrifice your precious time to teach and mold what you know to someone - who probably won't take you seriously or use your craft against you - when you could be out somewhere in the world doing something else that you like... and for what? 

Mentoring that is free has a lot of reasons to fail. It could be that the mentor isn't equipped to handle a student - skillwise or emotionally. It could be commitment. Most of the time, It is because the student fails to see the value of the craft since they got it for FREE. I fail to comprehend the logic behind this - When some people have this mindset of taking for granted those that don't cost them anything.

The greatest tragedy of Free Mentoring is when the mentor himself is the problem. A person who is good at a craft isn't necessarily a good mentor. And a broken teacher creates broken students. The sad part of this story is that the student believes the lies as truth.

"Free Mentoring na nga, Nagrereklamo ka pa! Be quiet! Iyakin!"

If you teach a student something wrong and let him believe it is truth, should all the blame rest on the student's shoulders? I don't think so. 

So why mentor? 

This is something every "free" mentor should ponder on.


Now, how about those who ask for money or something else in return?

Our generation has gotten used to the "Instant Culture." We want and demand things with less or no effort in a single snap of our fingers.

"I paid for it with big money. I am entitled to it. Work? What work? You do it!"

The problem with some people who go for a paid mentoring is their inability to understand how mentoring works. A mentee should seek out the mentor. Not the other way around. It's not like you can magically copy-transfer an ability from someone to another in an instant. This isn't the Matrix.

And a paid mentoring fails miserably when the mentor fails to give what they don't have but act as If they have and know it all. 

You see, people will pay for something even if it costs a lot - if they see value in it.

If you buy gold coins and get gold coins, there shouldn't be an issue. But If you bought gold coins and find out they were something else, that's where things turn sour.

I see a lot of people who say that mentors who charge for a high fee is a scam. Hypocrites. 

How much does it cost to have your kids go to a private pre-school nowadays? Did you get your degree by going to a school or university that doesn't charge you a single cent? And did you get what you paid for?

In our current batch, one Eques student paid PHP 250,000 so we could mentor him. Did we ask for this amount? No. The student paid for what he believed was our Mentorship's worth. Is he satisfied? You could ask him. Goes by the troll name Sir Lancelot. 

Those who have mastered their crafts can thrive without mentees. But would it be the same for those who are just starting out and in need of a Mentor?

Paid or Free, bottom line is this:

Success as a mentor comes when the mentee achieves mastery of the craft  and where the mentee is able to enhance his life and better his surroundings.


  1. very direct and so true

  2. "There is no such thing as free lunch." - ive been used to this since college days. Awesome article!

  3. Totoo nga Po sir zee Na kahit Magkanu babayaran Kung alam mo may matutunan Ka..Sa case ni stickman lahat kinopya Dto Sa blog mo Na free then pinag bayad NG 50K.sobrang salbahe

  4. At sinasabe pa Sa Mga post Nya ire refund Sa Mga estudyante nya, pero dlawang linggo Na nakakaraan wla pa REN refund.SALABAHE SOBRA!

  5. Kasuhan na yan si stickman para makulong. Susumbong ko siya sa BIR at NBI

  6. To all Subasta Applicants,
    1. Do you think I should get one free student for the upcoming Subasta Mentoring Program in exchange that they journal the whole experience? Why or why not?

    I'll try to answer your question as honest as possible if you think he/she is worthy based on the screening procedure and what does your gut/conscience say MOLD/TAKE him/her. He/She will be grateful to you and I quote

    “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
    ― John Bunyan(English Writer/Preacher)

    Yours sincerely,

  7. Agree ako na magkaroon ng one free student sa upcoming subasta mentorship program. Para matapos na ang issue na para lang daw ito sa mayayaman. Eh ako nga di mayaman eh(subjective kasi yun) pero gumawa ako ng paraan para mag ipon at makasali sa subasta. Naniniwala kasi ako na effective yung training( based dun sa mga blog ng mga naging student) . Sana yung mapipili ay magaling sumulat( tulad ni Celeste) para maishare nya nang maayos ang mga magiging experiences nya sa training at makarelate ang mga babasa. - subasta id# 26-1642

  8. Hi Boss Zee,

    Yes. This gives opportunity to someone who is driven and qualified but failed to win in the Subasta due to financial limitations.

    Having the journey recorded from day 0 will not only be a tangible record of each and every step of the program, this could also be used by Zee & Project Seed as reference to find areas of improvements for future programs.

    And most importantly, this document if shared to the public will be a good learning resource to those who are outside ZFT.
    The technicals, investment phychology struggles and how thet were overcame will be very helpful if can be shared to the rest of the trading community.



  9. If I will not be chosen through the bidding process, I would want to become that free student and I would not mind writing the whole process. You saw my port and I was willing to bid more than what is in my port because I trust your system in fact I also bid last batch but was unlucky. Hence getting a student for free is also similar to showing your cause. Not all can afford a great mentor but some poor students deserve that mentor hence expensive universities offer scholarships. Screening requirements should include writing ability, dedication, time, low income, and should be smart. I am willing to improve my writing ability if I will be chosen and would be okay to show my identity because more than anything I want to be a living testimony of God's love hence I will really do my best.-12-1900

  10. Hi Zee,

    The idea of giving a student free mentorship is without a doubt a very good and noble as we are aware that many of the market participants just dream that one day they'd be the lucky ones to be chosen to attend the mentorship program. However since the student doesn't have to pay a monetary amount as a proof of his dedication, it would be equally fair if you set him serious requirements that would test his will and sincerity in exchange of the program's access. Given that one should pass the requirements.

    I am also one interested person for the free slot. Exposing my identity with the program is fine. It's just that if we are to include the transactions I made, that might put my security in danger. Just my thought.

    From: #3-3982

  11. Scholarship is nice. I like it! :)
    It is one great equalizer between people whose world's apart (those who have and those who have less). It is also a nice way to share some blessings. :)

    Most scholars have that sense of gratitude and a drive to pay it forward, which is actually and should be the main requirement i think.

    I don't mind whether she/he has an insane blogging skills like Celeste, what's important is that he/she can deliver the journal you've required to as an output. The skills will eventually develop.Whats important is that he/she can connect to intended audience. With his/her words no matter how simple it may seems.

    I know that scholarship should be given only to the deserving one. Hence not everyone gets a taste of that benefit. A certain qualification/requirement should met to pick the most deserving one.
    But more than any technical qualifications i think, the attitude, commitment and the willingness to learn and share is more important than any requirement that we or I can think of.

    I don't want to demand a lot of requirements from the scholar and fell himself/herself indebted to the Tribe. When we give, we should not expect to get anything back. So I really prefer the requirements of having the right attitude and personality above all.

    Sincerely: #51-4930

  12. Jude Thaddeaus, patron saint of the impossible.

    (1.) You should have undivided TIME to devote on the program.
    (2.) You should have INTEREST to learn and apply the program.
    (3.) You should have MONEY to invest to make use of the program.
    (4.) You should have EFFORTS to cope up with the mental & psychological stress of trading the financial markets.
    (5.) You should SHARE your learnings to mentor others to succeed.

    Accronym - "TIMES" - multiplication is the fastest growth in any field.

  13. It would be a great opportunity being your mentee for free. I want to be a part of your tribe and be a full time trader. Because not everyone who wins the bidding process become successful students. Everyone still needs dedication and emotional control. And that i believe makes us all even.
    Thanks boss,

  14. #36-9046
    1)Yes sir, Ofcourse, I am in favor of the free mentoring because most of us can't really outbid/afford the fee. Some of us are unfortunate for having limited resources including me but i guess all of us applicants are really interested.Someone out here are in desperate and eager to learn, luckily for those who are fortunate they can afford. i don't want to sound unfair to those who already won the subasta. but there are lots of aspiring students that all they have are guts and devotion to learn. A lot of us are believing in your ZF system and some of us are hungry for more learning and talking and sharing rather than just reading the blog. Dont get me wrong sir, Your blog is really helpful and unselfish. just thirsty for more.

    Matthew 7:7
    7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
    Godbless to you and the tribe


  15. It would be a great opportunity being your mentee for free. I want to be a part of your tribe and be a full time trader. Because not everyone who wins the bidding process become successful students. Everyone still needs dedication and emotional control. And that i believe makes us all even.
    Thanks boss,

  16. 1. Yes sir, because the one who will get an opportunity will give a motivations to the traders (especially to the newbies) who will read his journal. It will show how he develops and became an efficient and effective trader under the guidance of the program. #83-2075

  17. To all Subasta Applicants,
    1. Do you think I should get one free student for the upcoming Subasta Mentoring Program in exchange that they journal the whole experience? Why or why not?

    It's fine with me, we are all in this together... For sure The chosen One will accept whatever rules and consequences that may occur. #139-4813

  18. Good Day Zee
    An opportunity worth trying (free mentor), been wanting to join the tribe but the 6 digit(payment) hindrants me to join, since that 6 digit was my dream GAIN. :), so I end up reading all your blogs.

    1. For me Yes, not all readers are born wealthy or can afford to pay the Subasta Mentoring Program. And since Zee gained already its not that bad for zee to have a 1 student free in the Training Program, if Zee can teach the wealthy person then he can also teach the poor or average person. It's like funding a scholarship person :)


    1. Screening Requirements

    1a. TRUSTWORTHY - the main requirements for me, since the tribe is working secretly.
    1b. HARDWORKING/DEDICATION - any lessons taught is useless without the 2
    1c. RESPECT - hard to give, but better to give and be given.

    2. Since the group is working secretly, Ill just follow the group.


  19. =================================================
    1. Do you think I should get one free student for the upcoming Subasta Mentoring Program in exchange that they journal the whole experience? Why or why not?

    Yes - to give chance to someone who really have the HUNGER, COMMITMENT and DRIVE.
    Someone who is willing to make a HUGE SACRIFICE.
    But I think creating a journal is not enough.
    I don't know what to add in exchange though - "some things cannot be measured on a simple scale".

    As you said in your recent blog post, "Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's First Law of Equivalent Exchange."


    Question is not for me but I would like to give a comment on this.
    To all who would like to avail of this free slot, are you willing to risk your identity for this program? Why or why not?

    Revealing his/her identity to the public is not safe for him/her as well as everyone in the tribe. Hiding the identity is very SACRED for me - it is rule #1.


    Opinion ko lang po. :)


  20. Having student for free is fine Zee. Like most of the comments of my co-bidders not all aspiring mentee can bid just like now..the last batch (VII) highest bid value is 250K.

    As long as the free student deserves it as per tribes standards, why not. If i will not be chosen for the top 12 i'm willing to be the free student even i'm not a blogger/writing. As long as the journal comes from the heart people can connect through that.

    Best Regards,

  21. To all Subasta Applicants,
    1. Do you think I should get one free student for the upcoming Subasta Mentoring Program in exchange that they journal the whole experience? Why or why not?

    - In a trading world full of uncertainties, there are lot of traders who's trying so hard to get a good trade. They subscribe in people who called themselves GURU's hoping that this GURU's will guide them to the right path but then again after all those years of subscription they end up the same state to when they started before and the dream of financial freedom remains a dream.

    For me, mentoring is NOT like a teacher and student relationship. It is like a father and a son kinda thing. A father will support his son no matter what his interest is. He will patiently guide and encourage him whenever he stumbles down. It may not be easy, but somehow it will be worth, seeing him succeed in his life. So, it is always up to Zeefreaks. Having 1 student free of charge would give opportunity to change his/her life and reach his/her dream.

    1. What do you think are 5 Good screening requirements for those who would like to avail of this offer?
    - Someone who knows nothing or has a little knowledge of trading (Easier to teach than teaching someone who knows everything)
    - The interest and willingness to learn.
    - The time and devotion to attend the class.
    - Dauntless to make a trade.
    - The selflessness to give (If you are blessed, be a blessing to others. Never forget where you came from.)

    2. Are you willing to risk your identity for this program? Why or why not?
    - No, I'm not willing to risk my identify for this program. It is not my security I'm worried about, it is the expectation of the people who follows Zeefreaks. I consider expectation as a burden for the student where the people expects to much from him.

    A father having 2 kids can not compare them with each other. They are different in their own personality on how they adjust/cope up in their life's journey. What I'm trying to say is not all people are created equally and they react to situations differently. I always prefer to be a low profile person it helps live my simple life with peace of mind.

    With regards to the FREE LUNCH, "There is NO free lunch yet there is always someone out there who is willing to share their lunch with you"

    Subasta ID# : 116-3307

  22. 14-3275

    On risking one's identity: Have you done the same thing (like blog your trading experience/port snapshot and show it to the world using your real name/FB account) or willing to do the same? If not, forget about giving a "free" slot. Consider the risks.

    Might as well, have another bidding for those who did not make it. If there is somebody whose port is just P300k or less who joined the bidding, what are the chances this person will make it to the top 12. What if those people who did not make it to the top 12 are more deserving to be in the top 12?


  23. Yes, it is fine for me if you will take one student to join the mentorship program for free in exchange for a journal. Just like in universities, they offer scholarship programs to those deserving students that can't pay the tuition fee. In some cases, these scholars are even more successful than other students who paid. It will be a huge and terrifying pressure though to the one who will be chosen.
    Subasta ID:10-1479

  24. Subasta ID: 92-5656

    Yes and No, for the simple reason of history.

    NO: Think back to the lessons of the past. To the mentees you gave free lessons. I may not know enough about all those mentees, but i assumed you stopped those for a reason. (or maybe you didnt, i don knoez) If the resolve is not strong enough, they WILL break, they will falter, and may be the possible chink in the zft arsenal.

    Let's get the facts straight, your brand name's gone parabolic, everyone is hyping about the enigma that is the ZFT. Everyone is ecstatic at the thought of getting a glimpse to the system that has led to millions of profit per month. Add it to the fact that you'll be ending YOUR mentoring program sooner or later. It hypes up the brand. It gets mouths frothing in excitement,just to be a part of a soon to be exclusive group personally trained by ZF himself.

    And yes, i do know that the mentoring program itself will still continue without you, but it wasn't named the ZF System for nothing. You yourself add a bit of charm to it, or rather, images of grandeur. Risk-reward ratio is too large as well. Mga ano.. 1:10000000. hahaha Millions of possible profit spread to infinity, in exchange for what? A reaction paper once in a while. FUCK YES! Forget about that risking my identity shit.. i can worry about that later. Oh and forget that i'd have to study every day, every night and sacrifice my social life. Exxag naman siguro yun.Lagi nga sila kumakain sa labas eh. lelz.

    YES: Think back to the lessons of the past. To the mentees you gave free lessons. I may not know enough about all those mentees, but i assumed you chose them for a reason. (or maybe you didnt, i don knoez) Broken, faltered, and exposed (figuratively, i hope haha). You saw something in each one of them, an indicator you can say, that their support wont break now. They've tested that support one too many times, or may even have gaped down to that support, to eventually recover. You've seen something in them, in their resolve, a glimpse... yung nagsasabing.. eto na.. eto na.. eto naaaaa... AHHHHHH!

    personal reaction to sacrificing my own privacy, even opening my own loved ones to possible threat, in exchange for money:

  25. Subasta ID #134-9844

    1. Do you think I should get one free student for the upcoming Subasta Mentoring Program in exchange that they journal the whole experience? Why or why not?

    I think that would be nice, or pwede rin study now donate later heheh.. Kidding aside, I guess if the ZFT feels he/she deserves to belong in the family then yes. Why? Well lets just consider it as Random Acts of Kindness :)

    Let me elaborate my take on this, i believe yes. Not just because i'am applying for the offer, but i also believe that everybody deserves a chance. and i know theres a risk for both the mentee and the student. A risk in a sense that the student may not have that same sense of "ownership" because it was for free, and its easy to undervalue something that is free.

    But. I believe just as how the ZFT manage to see the hidden gems in stocks, they can too see it in people. So i have no doubt that to whoever gets picked, will do whatever it takes, to live up to the tribe.

    Just like in life.. not everybody can afford to go to school, thats why there are scholarships offered, provided that the student gives his/her utmost ability to excel.

    P.S. I honestly misread the instructions on where to post the answer :(


  26. Identity # 143-5123

    1A.) Taking one free student in exchange for journal belongs to tribe's discretion.

    1B.) 5 Screening requirements:

    - Time availability;
    - Commitment to RAK;
    - With his own charity project aside from concurring to RAK;
    - Trader, regardless: full time or not; and,
    - Eager to learn... I do believe no matter how dumb a person is, he'll be trained.

    2.) Identity requirement - Not in favor

  27. kaya pla pahirap ng pahirap maka pasok sa zft. ang daming bright idea dito sa comments. hehehe