Friday, September 30, 2011

Basura Plays: AR

Gaps and The Illusion of Demand

"I Want mAR!"
Photo taken from

By sacrificing a million worth of shares to make a gap, 
big players create the illusion of demand and enable them 
to unload more shares for a higher profit.

AR Daily Chart

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thoughts in Arts: The Dark Side of EG

Tandem Plays: IPit Game & Enternet Game

Looks like EG wasn't the only Game in town.

IP Weekly Chart

What Does 253 Know That We don't?
Looks like this guy was the unfair investor mentioned in the disclosure.

Top 5 IP Buyers September 26 - Bloodbath Day

Top 5 IP Buyers September 28

-- Update (October 5) --

-- --

Here are a few Phrases Speculators like me love to hear: 

Voluntary Trading Suspension

2. The corporation will make significant disclosures on October 4, 2011.

Pursuant to the foregoing reasons, the Corporation requests for voluntary trading 
suspension in order to prevent an investor to have an undue or unfair advantage on 
the trading of IP shares.

But of course... 
Trading Suspensions can be quite deadly at the same time.
Remember what happened to DGTL-O and SMC?
Speculators like me might end up as IPits.

And with IPit stock on trading suspension, some IPit Speculators 
might just play some of my beloved Enternet Games.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Trading 101: Moving Averages and Patintero

Trading or Investing in stocks is like playing Patintero. 
It's all about the lines.

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When I started trading stocks, i didn't know anything about candlesticks or patterns. And though I did my best to learn them, as a newbie without a mentor, I got frustrated halfway. I tried listening to the words of the 'enlightened ones' or gurus - sometimes it helped, sometimes it didn't. 

Starting out, my only trading system was "Buy and Pray."
It's funny when I think about it now.

But hey. Later I found out a better way of trading - Following "The Lines."
And these lines became my trusted friends in trading. The Moving Averages.

These are my linemen. You can customize your linemen the way you want.

Red Line = 30 MA
Pink Line = 60 MA
Blue Line = 90 MA

In Simple words:
When your "linemen" are above the candles, the trend is down.
When your "linemen" are below the candles, the trend is up.

In Patintero, once a lineman catches you, you're out! Period.
In stocks, I can choose which lineman tells me when I'm out.


Because No matter how fundamentally solid or trashy the stock, 
it is emotions that drive the price.

Additional Notes:

+ Moving Averages works well with Blue Chips, some 2nd Liners,
 but rarely on 3rd Liners (should be jockeyed).

+ When you use MAs, you need to have patience. 

+ My current linemen are 20/50/100 MAs.

"The trend is your friend."

+ Always consider how many of your linemen are on your side. 
Ask these questions:
x - How many are below/above the candles?
x - Which MA is bullish/bearish?

The BoHemIan Church: Part 2

Update (September 30)

Technically good. But what bothers me is houses 253 (Tower) and especially 115 (SB - mgt. Broker) being net sellers, a lot of houses in ipit state, and general market being bearish.

I'd buy either at .30-305 or when prices close above .415


Update (September 26)

The BHIliever's Met With This Guy Today.
And More BHIlievers Lining up for Tomorrow.


Original Post (September 23)

Will the BHIlievers be rewarded?

Or will they wake up from their dream 
and end up in the BHIlibids?


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trading 101: Basura Plays

Some people define "Basura Plays" as an act of making money especially when the general market sentiment is down or boring. These plays are observed to be very volatile especially on bloody days when it stands out. And strangely, in almost every instance during the early course of its run, a good rumor gets "leaked" 

- turning some people mad.

"Give me a piece of that delicious PIE!"

Question: So how do we spot these basuras before they fly sky-high?
Answer: It's all in the Charts!

Here are a few examples:

MR = Major Resistance
NR = New Resistance
NS = New Support
RB = Resistance Break
RT = Resistance (Touching)

ZHI Potential Gain from Point of Breakout to Top = +571.57%
PWR Potential Gain from Point of Breakout to Top = +1,021.15%

MIC Potential Gain from Point of Breakout to Top = +65.08%

AR Potential Gain from Point of Breakout to CURRENT Top = +33.33%

When you see a Basura included in the top 10-20 Gainers, check out its chart and view in a long term perspective (1-3yrs). And Look for its Major Resistance.

If it touches the major resistance but doesn't break it, add the Basura to your watchlist. Pullbacks would then be good opportunities to put your initial positions. For big traders, they call this accumulation.

A break from the major resistance would then confirm the continuation and beginning of a new plane of upsurge.

I won't be babbling about taking profits because I suck at it. KKG (Kanya Kanyang Greed) Nalang!

Just make sure you get out before the music stops. 
Holding a bag of trash ain't very pretty.

"Uhhh... What Now?!"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

iNIhao - The JAPanese's Favorite Food

NI Daily Chart

NI Monthly Chart

Chart: "Up Up and Away! But as to how high this will go, only the Jockey knows."

How long do you think you can hold the iNihao food? Masarap kumain ng iNIhao! 
Just make sure YOU won't end up being the ihaw!

Additional Notes:
Public Float = 62% (September 20)
Heavily Jockeyed Stock

The BoHemIan Church

Two different charts. The first looks dangerous. The other  looks perfectly fine.

But do you know what’s so similar about these two?

They are ONE.

BHI Monthly Chart

BHI Daily Chart

Many have put their hopes in this stock because they BHIlieve.

This hope can lead them to the BHIlibid.

Volume: The Smell that tells you "Something's Cooking"

UPM Montly Chart

Charts tell you even before any rumor or official disclosure is made.
And the best thing about the Chart: It doesn't lie.

"Volume Preceeds Price Action"

Additional Notes:
Public Float = 8.3% (September 19)

Student Exercises

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3


1. Read Posts

(New Lesson)

2. Answer the following Questions:

A - Which Port(s) Passed the Osmosis Test? Why?
B - Which Port(s) Passed the Linemen test? Why?

3. Discuss with your Classmates:

In the 3 Ports above, which stocks should stay and which ones should be sold (cut)?

4. Submit your final answers in tabular form. Explanations can be separate.