Friday, March 20, 2015

The Game That Is The Stock Market

Have you ever had that moment when a friend asks for your stock
 picks. And you, without hesitation, give out your most prized and
 thoroughly analyzed stock pick - with you having none. And later
 the next day you find out that your prized pick just outperformed
 every other stock in your port without you having a 
SINGLE BIT of share?

Frustrating right?

Then you think to yourself, 
"What if I sold everything and went all in on that prized stock?"
"Why did I not sell all my laggards?"
"Bakit walang forever?"

Ahhhhh emotions and reason. 
Because it is one thing to know, it is another to do.

For when you execute a trade, your whole being is involved. 
Your trades reflect who you are and what your current 
state of mind is.

Sometimes I wonder what it'll be like to let a kid gifted 
with strategy and self control handle my trading port.

Have you seen this Film? No? Poor you. 
Watch it. You'll get the whole point of this post.

In every single game, there's timing and tactics.

Take for example in the Game Clash of Clans,
you don't just deploy all your forces in one go.
You have to be careful with your placement 
or else this could happen.

I'm not discouraging the All In one stock method.
But whenever you do, always think of the risks.

And sometimes with minimal effort, 
you even get to win Big Bonuses.

So grab every opportunity to trade setups that you are familiar 
with that is most likely a 'sure shot'. 

Think of the stock market as a hobby or game you like to play.
Not some dreadful Job or something you have to do 
because you have to. But a game you actually Enjoy. And 
when you follow the rules and you play it just right, 
then the money will just follow.

I can show this snapshot since I don't have these babies anymore.
Too bad it didn't breach that 1M Profit Barrier. 

TGIF. Happy Weekend Everyone!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Trading The ZF Way : Subasta for VI

ZFT, Batch 6 is now accepting applicants. 
And We have decided to make the screening procedure 
into a subasta-game type experience. 

So here are the Rules and Guidelines:

There will be no capital requirement or cap/limit.

The slots will be no more than the total number of current
 Zodiac Students (Which is 12).

The Starting bid for a slot will be at 20k (PHP). The maximum bid
 will be at 250k (PHP). The minimum bid increment is 5k (PHP)

You may submit your Bid(s) via Messaging the ZF FB Page.

The Bidding Phase will start on March 22 and end on April 11. 
You will only be allowed to bid a maximum of 4 times.

And before you message your bid please fill up the google doc form
 provided in the ZF FB Page. We won't be entertaining applicants
 who aren't in our Database.

(Or you could just click here for that Form)

When the cut-off bid reaches an amount divisible by 50k, 
(E.G. 50k / 200k) applicants will then be required to show proof
 that they can pay the amount they have bid. 
(Recent Unshaded Port Snapshot/ Bank Statement) 

In the unlikely event that the "cut-off bid" will be at the maximum
 bid which is 250k, the slots will then be on a "first come, first
 served" basis.

Grounds for Disqualification/Banning:

+ Using a troll account.

+ Asking irrelevant questions that could have been 
answered if you only read this whole blogpost.

+ We favor no one. Friends do not get discounts or any special
 privileges. Please follow protocol and message the ZF FB page.

+ Bidding 5 Times.

+ If we feel something is 'off' about you even if you are capable of paying the maximum bid.

If we don't get the maximum number of students, we will still proceed with the program. 

Once you have won a slot, you will be given the bank details 
where you will pay the final amount of your slot's worth.

Because of a recent 'incident' we have also decided to disallow
 payment in Tranche / Installment for this and future batches.

If you have won the slot, but fail to pay during your given pay
 dates, your slot will be given to the highest bidder who is next in line.

Program Timetable:

Classes are done through Skype
8PM - 11PM, Monday-Friday, Philippine Time

+ Taking this course does not guarantee your 
'right of entry' to the Tribe.

If you want to know more about the previous 
"open to the public batches" please visit links below: 

And if you guys still remember Danny Ke,
the TAPper (who got kicked out) and now student of the Tribe,
Check this post and the bottom most part.


Final Stats for Batch 6

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Vacation Mode. Will Be back in 3 Weeks.

This feels like Deja Vu.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

When Fiction meets Reality : Invicta

DOTa players will know.

Just sending some good vibes. 

(Photos c/o Invicta)

As Kidlat coins it, "RAK!"
(Random Acts of Kindness)

We've decided to document and share these RAKets here.
If Invicta was able to pull off something like this with their 
small capital range average of 75-100k,
I wonder what the world would be like if every player in our 
small PH Stockmarket would participate in doing these small RAKets?

You see and hear about all these people bragging about their 
profits. I wonder how much they're giving to their community?

If you feel that we are bragging, Or If you feel even a little shred of 
contempt after seeing these images. I've got some bad news 
for you.

But If you feel Challenged and Inspired,
Then are you ready to RAK?!