Monday, July 22, 2013

iNIhao - The Signal

Among the JAP stocks, NI has always been the favorite.
Because when it starts moving, every other JAP stock goes crazy.

Bagger crazy!

(Click link below to see what I mean)

JAP stocks are usually into mining.
They own the mines, they have the plans, and everything else. 
But do they actually mine?

I've been stalking this stock for quite some time now and 
I believe the Jocks are about to give "The Signal"

NI daily chart as of 7.19.2013

As you can see from the chart above, NI is now attempting to do a 
Zeus Strike (100MA Diving below the prices). Please do observe
what happened a few months later after the ZS - highlighted by those cute black circles. 

Now If the pattern repeats itself, do we see 15-20? 
You might be laughing right now thinking that's absurd.

But hey! I was thinking the same thing 2 years ago when somebody said NI will hit 12.

 Let's just see where the JAP will take us.

To buy or not to buy?
That is the question.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Pirate's Rally & The Insider's Call

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another round of madness by yours truly.

Remember the ZS post?

Well... I'd like to add a little spice to it.
 Let's say, a touch of Insider Trading.

Sounds exciting huh?

But before we go into it, let me first introduce you 
to another word I added into the ZF vocabulary:

"The Pirate's Rally"

The Pirate's Rally is a parlay between market captains with no real
 insider buying, sometimes coupled with filthy rumors set 
to trap them newbie's gold.

The "PR" only happens to 3rd-Liner or Notorious stocks
 that have been on a steady, long, downtrend.

So Just to be clear: A PR is not a ZS.
But they do have things in common.

Now, on to the exciting part...

"The Insider's Call"

Normally when a PR happens the stock gets attention, but dies in the succeeding weeks or even days - A classic tale of hype and dump, and giving them poor newbies a free trip to good ol' Davy Jones' Locker.

But when an Insider's Call is in the works, instead of dying, the stock holds its ground, consolidates at the highs, and at some point in time releases a magical disclosure or rumor that rekindles the candle of hope found in the deep crevices of the hearts of those long term Ipiteros a.k.a "Investors."

"ahhhh that light of hope"

Take this for example...

CAL is one notorious stock for Market manipulation. 
Majority of the traders and investors out there will give a big "NO" 
if asked if they were to ever buy and invest in CAL.

But a few weeks back. A pirate's rally happened.
Now I want you to look at these transactions
and dates they were made:

(Click Images To Enlarge)

Then Wednesday (4.17.2013) came and CAL announced huge dividends! 
(And with it, the cry of hope a thousand CAL ipiteros was heard.)

"SJ Rox you lucky bastard!" Some might say. 
But nooooooooooo!

I'm assuming something like this happened 
the day after that two-day pirate rally:

1Roxas: What's up Joe?
Joe-C: You already know ya bastard! (gigols)
1Roxas: No. seriously.. I mean.. why?
Joe-C: Dividends in two weeks. 0.25/Share! 
Be quiet! It's gonna be.. Legen.. Wait for it..
1Roxas: Dary! Ktnxbyebye! (Hangs up phone)
Joe-C: @#&*$!

Then 1Roxas is Like:

And thus the term,

"Insider's Call"

I know it's lame.
Deal with it!

All stocks whether blue chips or 3rd Liners have their own set of insiders. 
You just hafta identify which houses they use or if there are any 
fishy players disturbing the "peace."

On 3rd Liners however, Insider Calls can be easily spotted. 
When you see "buys of aggression" on the board, assume that
 somewhere,  somebody's cooking a pot of profits and you might want to join in 
- of course you hafta weigh the odds before you get in at 
whatever price that stock is currently at.

Just think about it... 

Who in their right mind would buy trash?
(especially when they buy in big amounts)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Sentiment Cycle : TSI

It's really OKAY to play with the monkeys.
Just make sure you don't end up holding 
the pile when the game ends.

(Click Image to Enlarge)

"alea iacta est"
Behold, The Tainted Monkey!

Of Course, I could be wrong.
Pagkat ako'y isang hamak na manghuhula lamang.

Previous Entries On Sentiment Cycle

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Zeus' Strike And The Alignment Of The Stars

I had my fair share of profitable adventures with my linemen when
 dealing with 3rd or 2nd Liners. And I think it's about time I wrote
 and shared it to you guys.

Let's start it off with 

"The Zeus' Strike!"
The only lightning strike you'll be wanting to catch.

Now whenever my linemen, the moving averages, like the 20MA or the 50MA go below prices, 
I noticed that most of the time, a short term rally happens.

But when the 100MA dives under the prices,
It takes the rally into another whole new rampaging level!

ZHI Daily Chart

Now I don't know how you call it in your village, but I call it Zeus'
 Strike because of that Blue 100MA that kinda reminds me of Zeus'
 Lightning bolt strikes that sends things flying whenever it hits the ground.

"Smite that downtrend my brother and
bring my ipitsky position to life!" 

Just like this Fulgarite:

Posted by Ken Smith from Australia

A lighting strike in the sand has melted the sand along the fingers of electricity
and then wind has blown the sand away leaving incredible sculptures.

Taken From

I heard these things are worth a lot of moolah!

Well . . .

"Damn Right Mortals"

So when you see that 100MA getting close to the prices,
you better be locked and loaded.

. . .

On to the next shall we?

"The Alignment Of The Stars" 

I'm sure this isn't the first time you've heard about this right?
I've heard and seen this a lot in movies. And they say that this
 phenomenon usually brings "Good Fortune"

When you see the 3 moving averages in this order : 
where 20MA > 50MA > 100MA,

EEI Daily Chart

That means the Alignment of the Stars have favored the Bulls.
And we can all sit tight and start counting our growing profits.

These lines and parameters are the Trend Follower's Favorite.

"The gods have given us an UPTREND!"

. . .

But I also remember some scenes where the alignment caused


"Look my king! The stars are foretelling of
some shiny Mayan asses getting whopped later!"

NI Daily Chart

"We're Screwed!"

You can Call this "The Reverse Alignment"
And yes, there's also A Reverse Zeus' Strike.

But when dealing with 3rd liners (and some jockeyed 2nd liners), 
it is sometimes important that you also watch its weekly chart. 
Not all 3rd liners can sustain big and long runs. 

So by doing this, you'll be able to get hints if a Zeus' Strike 
or The Alignment Of The Stars is a sign of more God Smitin',
 Mayan Ass Whopping, Price Action in the days to come!

ZS = Zeus' Strike
When 100MA Dives Under Prices

AOTS = Alignment Of The Stars
20 MA > 50 MA > 100 MA

(Click Images To Enlarge)

Rare Instance When ZS and AOTS 
happen in both Weekly and Daily Charts

NI's Weekly AOTS = Top!

Additional Notes

In the case of Blue Chips and fundamentally sound 2nd Liners,
ZS and AOTS in the Daily Chart is enough.

Click Here To Learn More About Moving Averages

Additional Charts
(2nd Half 2015)
Click Images to Enlarge.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Stock Market Ecosystem

Sometimes stock movements are beyond candlesticks or technicals
 and more of the stock's "characteristics" given by 
the players that control the stock.

The Stock Market is one Big Ecosystem.

You never know what kind of devil spawn predator lurks within.

But don't you worry, there are a lot of  ways to survive and thrive in it.
Here are some eco-relationships you might already have or might consider having...


Commensalism is a relationship in which one organism benefits
 from another organism that is not affected. This is a positive,
 neutral relationship. 

Just like the photo above, most of the market players choose to ride  with the "whales." 
This relationship immensely benefit the small fishes since whales don't usually get "attacked."

Whale Buys Up a Stock = Small Fish Happy
Small Fish Buys Up a Stock = Whale doesn't feel a thing

Blue Chip Ecosystems are perfect examples of this.
More protection from market volatility.


"You Scratch My Back, And I scratch Yours."

Mutualism is the way two organisms of different species 
exist in a relationship in which each individual benefits. 

Well ain't that Cute...

Happens mostly in 2nd Liner Ecosystems 
with good fundamentals like TA, CPG, RFM and PIP.

Big players. Market Movers. Jockeys.

One Of these Bad Asses Buys Up = Everybody Happy

They usually form alliances and make Joint Ventures (JV) 
to push their common stocks for their mutual benefit.

Some players however, turn out to be "freeloaders"

Which in turn leads to...


Parasitism is a non-mutual relationship between organisms of different species where one organism, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host. 

This could be fatal in cases where the host becomes filled with
hoards of parasites - especially when the BIG ones get on board!

Parasite Hoard Attaches itself to Host
Host Works Its Ass Off
Parasite Hoard Sells
Host Feels Sick
Parasites Happy

And Now to my favorite part...


In ecology, predation describes a biological interaction where a predator feeds on its prey. Predators may or may not kill their prey prior to feeding on them, but the act of predation often results in the death of its prey and the eventual absorption of the prey's tissue through consumption.

Oh what Lovely Shots Don't you think?

Very Common with 3rd Liner Ecosystems.

Predator Buys Shares, Prey Buys Higher
Predator Sells, Prey Gets Trapped.
Predator Happy.

Need I say more?

It's EAT or BE EATEN policy.

Happy ECO-SISTING Everyone.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

P.D. : The Crazy Trader's Port

Showing You Crazy Trades for the Month of Feb (And March).
- Extend ko daw. Port Shaded For Everyone's Safety.
Tsupitas Not Included.

Main Trading Port.
(Please Don't Ask Me what Stocks I'm holding.)

Ending Port 2.21.2013

Ending Cash: 9.xx% Of Current Port.
Stock 1 : New Entry
Day change = +0.11%

Week Ender Port 2.22.2013

Ending Cash: 0.09% Of Current Port.
Day change = +3.30%

Other Transactions for the Week:
Withdrew 11.xx% Of Gains.
Rolled Back 100k Worth Profits

Ending Port 2.25.2013

Ending Cash: 0.18% Of Current Port.
Stock 1 : Re-Entered @ Close
Day change = +0.48% 

Ending Port 2.26.2013

Ending Cash: 0.18% Of Current Port.
Day change = +0.52% 

Ending Port 2.27.2013

Ending Cash: 0.18% Of Current Port.
Stock 3 : New Position
Day change = +2.70% 

Ending Port 2.28.2013

Ending Cash: 0.02% Of Current Port.
Stock 1 : New Position
Day change = -0.64% 

Week Ender Port 3.01.2013

Ending Cash: 0.51% Of Current Port.
Stock 1 : Here We Go Again
Stock 3 : New Position
Day change = +1.22% 

Ending Port 3.04.2013

Ending Cash: 1.66% Of Current Port.
Day change = -1.70% 

Current 2013 YTD (less realized profits)