Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trophy Trades 2016

Dear students, have fun on the Trade Dissection.

1st Quarter
log as of 3.31.2016


(Small Tsupitas + 1M Infusion)


Starting Equity
(December 29, 2015)


Profit Withdrawals

Scheduled Port Reset
Last week of April 2016

It's not about the big jackpot stocks.
It's about the small consistent gains.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

For the Records

Most number of Ceilings in a Day : 10

"Feeling Jockey" Plays.
It's all fun and games until people start getting ipit.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Technician's Guide To Subjective Trading

There's this thing about us technicians on how we analyze things in the chart and see price action before they happen. It's like we're on NZT or something.

With the surge of people in FB Groups and social media who are now openly sharing their Tech Analysis and Hype Charts, we will try to talk about the popular ways on how we can go into the realm of Subjective Trading. Because sometimes, you just can't help it. The beastly menace within you, urges all your body cells to Hype yourself. And in the process, hype others. This post is part two of The Deadly Trading Mindsets. If you haven't read that post yet, I suggest you do. 

Let's Begin.


1. Using many indicators 

Don't like a sell signal on your chart? No worries! Just take out that loser that's going against you and leave all the ones that tell you what you want to hear. It's nothing personal really. And besides, you'd look like a pretty bad ass ginyos!

"Good Vibes lang"

Maybe in the future when that indicator gives you that sweet 3-Letter word, then you'll let her join your little group.


2. Switching to the Line Chart

Wicks are sometimes an eyesore to us technicians. "If not for that lousy shadow, the chart would be PERFECT!" A Wick means Weak. That's why you see some tech traders ignore wicks and just go for body to body analysis. And what better way to remove these darned things by switching to that line chart?

Problem Solved!

Kind of like how makeup does its thing. So when you see a line chart posted somewhere that looks perfect, be careful. Be VERY careful.


3. Channels and Trendlines

Channels and Trendlines are a universal thing. It can give you a projection or an estimate of where things could go. But just like any other tool, they have limits. 

Channels and Trendlines work on a very subjective level. Their placement will depend on the eyes of the beholder. 

Example : You buy on trendline support then all of a sudden price breaks down from that trendline support. What do you do? Proceed to use the horizontal support instead where it's still a buy. (Thanks Fullmetal Chartist)

If prices go on the border of those two, it's probably a sign to buy or sell right? But what do you do if prices go beyond those levels? What if you like using the LOGarithmic chart instead of the LINear chart?

This is just me, but trendlines and channels are illusions. The Moving Averages along with the Absolute Support and Resistances or Pivot Points are the real deal.

But what the hell? Let's all be subjective right?


4. Switching Timeframes

You find yourself hopeful on a stock that you have but the short term chart tells you it's gonna fall. So what do you do? Pep talk yourself by looking at the weekly or monthly charts - even if they haven't completed their candles yet.

"Okay lang yan! Long term ako jan."

InvesTraders usually do this. Traders who are forced to become investors because of their long term analysis.


5. Pattern Modification and Form Fitting

You see a pattern that's awfully popular. But you're not quite sure if you're seeing what you're seeing. You don't confirm the pattern with the internet because, YOLO! "Why isn't anyone posting any charts?" You ask yourself. Of course! Ikaw lang hinihintay magpost. So you go with your ignorant gut and claim the pattern!

And if you accidentally found a pattern that no one else has, and it worked the first time, why else wouldn't it work the next time? So you go on and name your pattern. Even put a trademark. After all, you are now a stock-market ginyos!


There's a fine line between chart sharing and chart hyping. If you are a good trader and technician, there's no need to hype. What for? But if you do feel like hyping, then by all means hype! But keep it to yourself.

These are the big 5 on Subjective Technical Trading.
Any violent reactions? Did I miss anything? Let me know in comments below.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Personal Notes Series 007 : Dreams of A High Risk Trader

The game that is the Stock Market is all about following rules and playing the game better than anyone else.

I remember deciding not to pursue the corporate life and just trade my way out of the rat race. I was confident and I worked hard for it. I knew this was my calling.

Started with 160k late 2010. Borrowed 2M in 2012. Then Another 2M in 2013. Lost 2.4M in the process. I knew it wasn't going to be a walk in the park. If it were, it would be like Jurassic Park. 

But I kept going. I Made friends along the way. Made enemies.  Burned bridges. Found my identity as a trader. Found the system that was right for me. Paid off my investors. Bought them out of my funds. And the rest was history.

To my friends, students,  and all who follow my blog, Do not pray that you will gain hundreds, thousands or millions looking for a jackpot stock. Pray for wisdom, discipline and the ability to endure hardships. Pray that God will mold you to become a living testimony of His goodness. And pray extra hard that you won't be trapped by the Love of Money.

Today, my trading port just reached a figure I was only dreaming about years ago. The rest of my story how I started, the lessons I've learned, the technical notes, up to the present is all here in my blog for everyone to read. Inspired? Share it. Because if I was able to make it, why can't you? 

"Matthew 6:33
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Looking for stocks in the Market is like looking for Pets. Sometimes they're pretty ugly.

"Look ma! Ain't Fifi Cute?"

The downtrend and atmosphere for the past months have conditioned our minds that it is painfully hard to find those pets that could make us a fortune without giving us nightmares. And now that ZS and Breakout season is here, you freeze. So many of these good pets appear but it seems you just can't decide which pets to go for.

"Should I sell DD and buy X? Was it the right decision to sell DAVIN and buy MCP? BHI or STI? 2GO or IDC?"

So many pets to play with yet so little cash. You get confused and sometimes hurt yourself in the process of playing with these pets. But the thing is, it doesn't have to be that way. When you find yourself pressured and wanting to buy EVERY pet that you find adorable, It could be that you haven't refined your parameters for choosing.

We have more than a hundred pets in our market. How do you filter the ones that would suit you best? And is your way of life compatible with the pet you are getting? If you have a confident answer to these questions, the next thing you need to ask is... Will you be following your rules in picking and handling religiously?

Pets can sure be cute and cuddly and all that, but there are certain consequences you have to face. Like you know...

And that's smelly business right there.

But the reality to all of this is simple. Different pets, Different directives.  It isn't really the pet that needs adapting but YOU. Yes pets can be trained. But animals will be animals. They have a unique directive that they follow even when they grow all alone without a parent. But it is different with us humans. We are gifted with the freedom to think and choose our own directive.

I feel like I've gone too deep again.
Here's a good anime reco you might want to follow


A profitable system will always be a profitable system.
But a profitable system, in the hands of a user with the wrong mindset, becomes the wrong system.

Looking for stocks in the Market is like looking for Pets. Sometimes they're ugly... But if you know how to handle them properly, you might just be rewarded with a handful of goodies.

"Look Ma! Fifi just made more cute Little Fifis"

This concludes the story of little Angela who wished for a puppy for Xmas but misspelled "Santa" for "Satan" when she sent that letter.

See what a little mistake can do? 

I seriously hope this post made sense to you. Did it?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Frustrations and the Process of A High Risk Trader

Do you ever have moments when you get depressed over a loss? How about losing your cool over your stuck that's been consolidating while the rest of the basura sector is flying? How about not being able to ride that one stock you've already planned because things just didn't turn out the way you wanted it to?

I believe every trader experience these things. And yes that includes me. It's not like you're some kind of cold blooded robot that goes into the trading process with sets of algos and "if-else" executions.

Emotions will always be there.



Remember that time in biology class when you learned about a frog's anatomy? Trading is somewhat like that. You study everything and memorize the difficult terms, then you pass the written exam with flying colors. "Easy Peasy" You say. Then come the practicals. 

You wait for rain and nightfall for that perfect moment to catch these horny little things as they cry out in the darkness for them to get laid. The first few frogs you get ain't a good find; So you go on and on until you finally get your slimed hands on the perfect one. "At last! This better be worth it."

You feed the creature, hoping it survives until D-Day. Poor little thing, you've already deprived it in a lot of ways imaginable - have you no heart? It didn't even have the chance to pro-create and leave offspring. Human, what have you done? You start to develop a weird relationship with the thing.

Then D-Day arrives.

Opening a live frog in front of your teacher and telling her all you know about the poor little thing. It doesn't go well as how you imagined it in your mind. Yes you've aced the exams and all, but going through the process of catching it, keeping it alive, opening it up and eventually killing it stirs up something in you.

"It had to be done."

At this moment you realize the difference of knowing versus actually doing it. You understand that there is a process for things and it might not always be rosy or how you want it.


When I lose in a trade or miss an opportunity and get bummed by it, I always remind myself of my trading rules and the basics of my trading system. "Did I do the right thing?"

If you did, then there shouldn't be a problem. It's always about sticking to the truths you've found and believe. And what is truth you ask? Well, the simple reality of the truth in the markets is this:

If it gives you consistent profits, then that is truth.

When lolo Livermore, said "it wasn't in the thinking but in the sitting" , I believe he meant that you should sit on a position until the trend starts to go against you, and not overthink about things. 

It's just sad when people twist these truths to fit their beliefs. Like you know... "Don't think and Bodega lang."

For those who don't know who Lolo Livermore is, the guy is considered a rockstar in the markets and in the field of speculation. In his later years, he had a divorce, went bankrupt and died a horrible death by suicide. Yep - Not a person you'd like to follow.


I wasn't able to ride DAVIN successfully on it's latest monster rally. When I mean successful, I mean with volume. (I did get to do tsupitas on it's way up.) Unless you're still learning a trade setup, what's the point of gaining 10-100% or even more on a position if it's a measly 5-10% of your portfolio? That's just me though. 

I'm frustrated because It was a textbook play in the system - an easy trade. But at the same time not frustrated as much, since I've already gained a lot from the stock twice for this quarter. It's just that these things happen and it evokes certain emotions. We just have to accept that we can't ride 'em all.

One reason why I wasn't able to ride DAVIN with volume was because of a current position I had - one which I decided to be my conviction play for the next quarter. It's not easy to hold and wait for an AOTS transition you know, especially when you're a seasoned basurero and see lots of basuras flying around. I could have sold it for a faster horse and other quick plays that showed up but that would mean breaking my rules. 

But by the end of the day, sticking to one's rules and having consistency is always better than sheer luck.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Personal Notes Series 006 : Beyond the Money

We trade the markets in order to reach our goals of financial freedom. We are all in it for the money. But is money all there to it?

Everyday we are bombarded by negativity and corruption. Do we gain anything if we add to it? Our generation has been too calloused to care. We should be weeping for our nation. We could be better. We can be better. And you don't need to be rich AF for you to be able to help those who are in need. 

Sometimes I think keeping the tribe's good deeds is the way to go. But is it the right thing to do? To keep silent? We don't show off RAKs so people would praise us. 

There's a continuous moral decay in our society. And it is spreading fast because those who execute it do so shamelessly in broad daylight. And when people think it's okay to do evil because "everybody" is doing it anyways, then we create a serious culture problem.

If we want to see a better, brighter future, let us start fighting evil by doing good. By spreading love. By showing the youth of this generation hope and allowing them to dream. Let us be loud in creating a culture that pays it forward. 

Imagine what the world would be like then.