Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The BoHemIan Church: Conclusion

(Update Oct 12)

Its funny how people quickly have a change of heart. I remember when BHI was having wild upswings and everybody was gaining. Lots of praises to the company owners and especially to those people who shared their "insider info".

But now that the tides have turned, what do they do? They blame the same people for their losses. 

If one would only be objective in trading.
He could have gained a maximum of 27.65% from BHI today, buying at the lows, and selling at the days high. 
Ok. Ok. highly improbable, so let's just say a minimum of 10% Gain. Not bad for a day's trade.
(Even Higher for tomorrow's rally - If there is one.)

If you already have the money. Then be a Judas Trader. 
BHIlieve (BUY), then BHItray (SELL)
And rid yourself of all emotions.

Or you'll end up like the real Judas when he became emotional.

BHIlieved, BHItrayed, but in the end nag BHIgti.
(Loss of at least 25%)


(Original Post Oct 11)

For those who BHIlieved 'other people' , they are now feeling BHItrayed.
When you play this kind of game, never trust anyone but yourself.

Here's a Quick Review of the BoHemIan Church:

Kinds of BHIlievers:

BHIlieved, at BHIniyaya. 
(Gain of at least 10%)

BHIlieved, but went to the BHIlibids.
(Loss of at least 10%)

BHIlieved, yet BHInitay
(Loss of at least 25%)

BHIlieved, pero naliBHIng.
(Loss of at least 50%)

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