Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Borg Plays : SMDC

One of the Best ingredients for the perfect Borg:
A Price Breakout to a new All Time High.
And a good catalyst to push prices 

"where no price has gone before..."

Always remember when playing with Borg Stocks,

There are no TPs. Only Trailing Stops.

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My Rules On Trailing Stops:

Always Set/Adjust to 2 Trailing Stops.
Once the first stop is hit, consider that as a warning shot. Sell a part of your position. 
And when you see your 2nd Stop getting hit, Sell without any hesitation.
Lock-in those profits and don't look back!
(especially if that stock decides to go up later on.)
Nobody likes a bitter and bitchin' trader.

This is me when prices go near my second stop (50/100 MA)



  1. buy near 8.36. It won't go down to 8.20.

  2. price retrace above 9 with low volume, still a freaking bull

  3. I think it will bounce na on 03-05-13

  4. When everyone thinks the same way! That's when a huge fund is trying to sell.