Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Sentiment Cycle : TSI

It's really OKAY to play with the monkeys.
Just make sure you don't end up holding 
the pile when the game ends.

(Click Image to Enlarge)

"alea iacta est"
Behold, The Tainted Monkey!

Of Course, I could be wrong.
Pagkat ako'y isang hamak na manghuhula lamang.

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  1. the difference between your posts of bhi and win with that of Tsi is there is a serious lack of volume on the distribution boxes.

    the trick with TA is you always can expand you "box", so in hindsight you are never wrong.

    but you are brave to call this early as it shows your conviction

    keep posting you have good ideas. but sorry you will expand your box in the coming months


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  3. tuloy pa rin si janssen sa pagpromote! yaman na siguro nun :3

  4. Throughout the accumulation/boring stage, the volume will be low simply because there are no sellers nor buyers. It is simply a forgotten illiquid stock. Now why on earth would I park precious funds here if I could be deploying it on more fruitful prospects? Probably better off monitoring sudden surges of volume. But do take note: is it possible that suddenly, on one random day, there are suddenly so many buyers and sellers to create such big a trading volume? highly unlikely. So, it's most probably fabricated.

    It's also a means to call out to stockholders who are normally not thinking of selling. They'd be most likely be inclined to sell now that prices have gone up.

    In hindsight, the decreasing volume is probably because someone was just accumulating/stocking up the shares before the eventual asset infusion by EMP.