Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Superstocks and The "Informant"

For today's post, I would like you to join me in appreciating renaissance art.

I rarely go to forums or social media to read "Anong meron" or What's up posts regarding super stocks. And recently I just did. Usually, my reason for reading is to be entertained by the mudslinging between the hypers and bashers. And my usual reaction?

"Dafuq did i Just read."

Who still remembers BHI's "Gabay" from 3 years ago? No disrespect to the person, but you know a stock's end is near when you find a crowd of hypers hungry for the next post of a personality i shall now call "the informant."

BTW, Those days were "The Days" of chain basuras.

Anyways, don't you find it strange that this informant who to be honest, hasn't been a notorious rumormonger for some time, suddenly pops out of nowhere with all this information and stuff? And talk about timing! Why now? Why not when it was trading before the super move?

And the funny thing is, the majority would accept anything this person says. Like some holy prophet or something.

I now give you this crown and you will be called the "Anointed One" , respected and known throughout  the stock forums or whatever social media you use.

*Dramatic Sound Effect Plays*

I know it's sound crazy. But if you don't believe me, go and check out those forums and social media. And if you already know about these "Anointed Ones" could you post the links on the comments below so future readers would be enlightened? Thanks.

Spoiler alert: It will probably look like this:

"What is our tip for today, your grace? Hath the gods spoken of the coming disclosure?"

"Fear not my ignorant followers! The gods have spoken. And the holy grail shall be ours soon. Or probably half a fortnight (next week)."

The end is near and at this stage, only a few people dare warn of the impending doom. Because, anyone who attempts to do so would face terrible consequences.

"Repent from your Greed and Selleth thy stocks! The end is near!"

"What nonsense! What Blasphemy!"

I'm not saying any of the current superstocks are going to end anytime now. But then again, I kinda am. I just feel like I had to post this so that people who think I'm hyping and who think i'm bullish would think otherwise. (Or not.)

Oh. And the ending of every superstock? Remember those bashers or even a few of those who were hypers? This is what they will tell you.

"I told you so!" 

 Pretty annoying right?
Especially if you didn't get out alive.

And as for The Informant?
Probably off to some foreign country.


  1. Comeown! where are the links? I need to be enlightened!

  2. I would like to post them. But I hate to have more haters at my back. :3

  3. Thanks best talaga. informative and funny!

  4. Gawin mo kong tunay na mayaman idol!

  5. tony herbosa of tap?

    1. 2018, Newbie here and been a victim. Thankfully I found Lodi Akio from Money growers which led me here to Lodi Zee. I hope to meet you all one day. More power and thank you so much for the knowledge!

  6. roy reyes senyor, BHI "guru" .3210 to piso daw lol, MB 5 pesos daw. LOL LOL LOL

  7. Traders camp. Been at it since 2007. Still at it. Still going strong. haha

    1. Now that's a name I haven't heard for a long time. Buhay pa pala sila? Facebook Generation na.

  8. I remember when this was posted sa TAP. One of the gurus there even commentd "Read this newbies, mag ingat." haha not the exact words pero basta yan yun.

  9. hmmm janssen3399 from FM - from AAI days to ACR nuff said