Friday, December 12, 2014

Trading the Zeefreaks Way

Dear Email Subscribers:

Due to popular demand, Batch 4 is now open for Those 
who are interested in learning to trade the Zeefreaks way.


+ Years exposed to the Markets: Not more than 2 Years.
+ Available to take online classes (through skype). Lessons usually done from 8pm until you finish.
+ Capital: Between 500k-4M No more, no less.

Of course, this won't be free. And even if you are qualified, 
you will still be screened. Interested applicants must submit a 
snapshot of your current unshaded portfolio to ZF FB page through PM. Here's the LINK:

Slots are limited. First come first served. Offer lasts until January 15, 2015 or until slots are filled. Classes will start immediately after that.

Further queries will be entertained only if these requirements are met.

To the previous applicants, the rates are a bit higher now.

Note: If you fail to follow instructions you will be seenzoned. *gigols*

Slots already taken: 2


  1. Replies
    1. Send a message to the Zeefreaks page in Facebook. Review Instructions above.

  2. Nothing but positives from my experience with the program. Lessons have allowed me to grow and mature as a trader as well as learn from the first-hand experiences of the mentors which was certainly one of my goals why I entered for mentorship (to gain an insight to how the trading goes about especially in the PH setting). Additionally, the tribe is not just a group but a family as well of like minded individuals who continually strive for growth and betterment not only in themselves but within the community as well (through the RAKs) - Mercury (ZFT Batch 5)

  3. When I started Sir Zeefreaks program, I really don't know anything about charts and techs. I am just a fundamentalist trader and a former follower of TAP( the group that made me loss a lot of money by trusting their hypes and recos).I even don't know that there are charts and do not know how to use the chart in my broker. Step by step, the program guides me in understanding the market and how to use it successfully. I know that our system is really effective and guides me in my trades. I just have to FOLLOW THE SYSTEM STRICTLY to overcome my weaknesses in trading. Our batchmates and mentors are all kind and helpful. They are willing to share me their time and continuously guide me in my learning. And they all do it for free since what they do are all sacrifices of there time and patience in teaching us. And I am very thankful that I have been part of a marvelous group by Sir Zeefreaks. And I am proud and thankful that all our fees to the program goes to charity to help the needy. Sir Zeefreaks is a person who just sacrifices his time and even his own money in a way that he can to make a difference in helping others. And at the same time, he also share his knowledge and guide us to help us become successful in the stock market. ( :

    ZFT Batch V Invicta


    1. Dude, I'll guess. You followed your Maestro BLINDLY. Hence the loss. ^_^

  4. Hindi ko sukat akalain na mapapaunlakan ako ni ZF. Much less, i have dreamt of being mentored by somebody like him. In a world where money is the "prime" and "real" currency, it is hard to come by a person who values money lesser the the intangibles. For a person like me, who lost his faith in humanity at an early age, ZF somehow became a beacon of hope. In his, and to some extent, the tribe in general, "small" gestures of kindness, i was able to feel genuinely excited in doing something and believing in something greater than myself, pursuing the better me, and pushing limits again, so that in the end we can be better than we are yesterday, ultimately being an inspiration to others.

    Tatlong palakpak para sa yo ZF.
    ... Because, we don't aspire to achieve.. we achieve to inspire...

    Salutarus, Batch V Invicta

  5. Posible kaya to learn the ZF way, grind it to my daily trades and dedicate ALL earnings to a worthy charitable institution for a year? I do not have much resources meron lang akong sandaanglibong naipon and at the same time I may not be able to pay the tuition fee to this system but I am open to such arrangement para masatisfy naman what's good and whats needed to be done to less fortunate people all the way for a year. Mahilig nga pala akong magluto kaya kung makakatulong ako sa mga less fortunate, I'd prefer to feed them to my heart's content <3

    1. Message us at the ZF FB page, and present your deal idea. Who knows? you might just get accepted.

  6. As a viewer, the posts are witty and very applicable to the market. I applied for the 5th batch, thinking that I would be able to generate more profits as I would be needing it in the near term. Luckily, I got accepted into batch V Invicta. I am Aequilibris and I believe I have achieved a good balance between work, trading, and other personal matters that are dear to me as a result of the lessons I learned in the program. Not only was I able to trade with profits, but also trade with discipline and consistency. All this however is just a teaser/eye-opener for something greater than just trading and earning from it.

    The program also made me realize a greater calling, that is, to help others along the way and give glory to God almighty. This is the ultimate lesson I've learned and realized throughout the program which I commend our mentor for. Thus, I thank God for this opportunity to have been part of the mentoring program by the ZF until today.

    For the rest of the readers and future members of the tribe, may we become instruments in fulfilling God's will through our trades and other skills. :)

  7. You can argue that the ZF mentorship is way expensive. QUANTIFIABLY, yes it is. But you wanna know why? Coz IT JUST F*CKIN WORKS! Pardon my words, but it’s just what it is. No sugarcoats. It ain't a "holy grail" so to speak but it works to those who have the discipline of following the system. And the best thing about it? You get to have a mentor with a big heart for helping other people. To put it in perspective, the payments collected for Batch 5 were all donated to our chosen charity. Not a single centavo to ZF’s pocket. A selfless trait that we all (ZF students) want to aspire.

    The teaching of the ZF trading method is just the tip of the iceberg. What you do about it and its end result (profits), is the real lesson (realization if you will), taught by the mentorship program. And that my friends, is UNQUANTIFIABLE.


  8. Hi guys , heres my take first of all i would like to thank the Lord for hooking me up to the tribe and to boss Zee from accepting me as his student and saving my port from Kumunoy .Before i was part from the most HYpe group which never really help talaga not until i joined the tribe ..It was really a wake up call i realize i was so Dumb listening to those selfmade Gurus (gurungulols) now i have more confident in my trading picking and selling a particular stock Zf way it is. ZF way with a CAUSE , ulitin ko " with a CAUSE" so for those blabbing that the mentorship fee is expensive ..dun na lng kayo sa libre and let wolves hunt you down ,,To the Future tribe galingan nyo lets RAK and roll !! -- Batch V Invicta Constantine

  9. Hi Boss. Paano kung more than 2 years na ko sa market? Pero ever since laging down ang port ko. To date down parin ako ng more than 50% :'(

    1. every batch has a different requirement. the next batch might not have the same rules/requirements as the previous'