Tuesday, March 3, 2015

When Fiction meets Reality : Invicta

DOTa players will know.

Just sending some good vibes. 

(Photos c/o Invicta)

As Kidlat coins it, "RAK!"
(Random Acts of Kindness)

We've decided to document and share these RAKets here.
If Invicta was able to pull off something like this with their 
small capital range average of 75-100k,
I wonder what the world would be like if every player in our 
small PH Stockmarket would participate in doing these small RAKets?

You see and hear about all these people bragging about their 
profits. I wonder how much they're giving to their community?

If you feel that we are bragging, Or If you feel even a little shred of 
contempt after seeing these images. I've got some bad news 
for you.

But If you feel Challenged and Inspired,
Then are you ready to RAK?!


  1. One of the reason why I want to become a trader with gains is to help my fellow college scholars, self-supporting college students and out of school youth.

  2. I wish I would be able to join or atleast be connected w/ you zfts not that I want anything from u guys but I just want to also be able to help others and I see u guys are doing just that so I want to be part of your group :))