Sunday, July 5, 2015

Market Thoughts : Less Is More

I think almost everyone of us would agree at some point that 
our ideal trading desk would look like this:

(Or at least something similar)

I mean.. who wouldn't? We want nothing but the best. 
The complete package.

But after some time in the markets, this ideal, 
has proved to be an illusion.

Yes it looks cool and all. But it's bulky, expensive, adds to your
 electric bill, and when you're going on vacation, you can't bring it
 with you. (you can but it's gonna cost and will require much effort)

In short, It ain't practical.


Have you ever had those moments when you over analyzed 
a stock, and when the time came to finally execute your 
trading plan, you simply freeze?

In trade execution, it takes only a fraction 
of all the time spent in one's analysis.

We trade the markets because we want financial freedom.
And to most of us, that means being able to control your TIME.


Most of us in ZFT once believed that mastery of many 
indicators would mean being a master of profits...

This idea proved to be another illusion and a dead end.
To prove my point, Imagine two soldiers.

Soldier A

Armed with a sniper rifle, a sidearm, a high explosive grenade, 
two flash-bangs, and has body armor.

Wipes out 5 armed terrorists.

Soldier B

Armed with a pistol, has body armor, but only uses his knife.

Wipes out 5 armed terrorists.

Yes both soldiers killed the same number of terrorists, but
which soldier do you think is more bad-ass?

Even if you have the right tools, the right filters and screeners,
If you don't know HOW to use them correctly, then
what's the point?


Even when it comes to port management. 
Having too much stocks means having your performance 'divided.' 

I've witnessed a lot of traders having monster gains with a 
few stocks but ended up break-even or worse with their 
many losing positions.


Now let's go back to that ideal trading desk shall we?

Imagine if this was your port.

and making that much sitting behind one laptop while on vacation.

I don't know about you, but that sounds more bad-ass, than 
sitting behind a multiple-monitor  trading desk the whole 
day with the same amount of gains.

If there's one thing technology has taught us, it's this...



less time + less effort = great results

Less is More.


  1. is that your trading desk sir?

  2. if you mean the first one... no.
    just using one laptop as my desk.

  3. i meant the alienware. lol

    1. ohhhh. :P no to that as well. for now at least.

  4. Thanks ZF for the inspiration and lessons you are continuously imparting to us newbies.

  5. sensei do you mind sharing which indicator you use?

  6. I currently monitor 8 stocks right now, 4 of them are stucks (fb group play). lol and the remaining are earning using AOTS. Thank you Zeefreaks :)

  7. Pareto principle, 20 - 80 %

  8. its 2018, get those same gains. by trading thru smartphone while on a mountain, hiking.

  9. Less is more... thank you for sharing your thought.

  10. That'w why I begun to purge my port na! ๐Ÿ˜‚ thanks for this lodi! ๐Ÿ˜Š