Monday, January 18, 2016

Simple Truth of The Markets

So I was just peacefully watching my Agents Of Shield episode
 while waiting for this day to be over when suddenly out of the 
blue someone sent me this:

"Imagine a color you've never seen before.
Now do that 10 more times.

That's how multidimensional thinking is. 
And that's exactly how you'll get rich!"

This is how brokers and other smart asses try to sell 
you their dope in this kind of market sentiment.

The market is simple. Bull or Bear. 
It always has been. And it always will be.

No matter how long you have been in the markets, 
if you cannot grasp this simple truth, you will lose.

If you want to survive and make money, Follow the trend. 

And Since you guys have asked, here's how I'm doing.



Update 1.19.2016 

I'll just leave these screenshots here for future use.
Remember, ZFT always remembers those who speak 
truth or lies of us. We're watching you.

Post Update 1.20.2016

here's the link to that 
Click here

Post Update 1.21.2016

For those who are still saying it's Photoshopped, 
this one is for you guys.


  1. Boss Zeefreaks, they certainly do not know what they are saying. Tsk Tsk! Let the port do the talking ika nga.

  2. parang natalo kasi un IDC nya, sit pa more. ang investment or trading ay kailngan nakakagawa ng pera, kaso ang tap panay upo. makakagawa ka ba ng pera nyan? saan na un kinita nila un pa rin ba ang meg na thropy stock nya ng lolo nya hahaha. Davin, SSI, House, Max yan ang upuan nyo kaht sigurado sunog kayu kay toby magnanakaw.

  3. What does that matter anyway? Isn't the port supposed to do the talking?

  4. And if you look at the port screenshots posted in this blog, you'll see that the earnings are not from the "tuition fees" but on the person's skill with reading the charts and sticking to his trading plan.

  5. Kamote from Bambi

  6. saw imbang klase in comment section.. "sometimes the richest and the most skilled have enough WISDOM to choose to live a simple life"

  7. Andun nga si Boss Imbang Klase. Ibang klase talaga.