Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Looking for stocks in the Market is like looking for Pets. Sometimes they're pretty ugly.

"Look ma! Ain't Fifi Cute?"

The downtrend and atmosphere for the past months have conditioned our minds that it is painfully hard to find those pets that could make us a fortune without giving us nightmares. And now that ZS and Breakout season is here, you freeze. So many of these good pets appear but it seems you just can't decide which pets to go for.

"Should I sell DD and buy X? Was it the right decision to sell DAVIN and buy MCP? BHI or STI? 2GO or IDC?"

So many pets to play with yet so little cash. You get confused and sometimes hurt yourself in the process of playing with these pets. But the thing is, it doesn't have to be that way. When you find yourself pressured and wanting to buy EVERY pet that you find adorable, It could be that you haven't refined your parameters for choosing.

We have more than a hundred pets in our market. How do you filter the ones that would suit you best? And is your way of life compatible with the pet you are getting? If you have a confident answer to these questions, the next thing you need to ask is... Will you be following your rules in picking and handling religiously?

Pets can sure be cute and cuddly and all that, but there are certain consequences you have to face. Like you know...

And that's smelly business right there.

But the reality to all of this is simple. Different pets, Different directives.  It isn't really the pet that needs adapting but YOU. Yes pets can be trained. But animals will be animals. They have a unique directive that they follow even when they grow all alone without a parent. But it is different with us humans. We are gifted with the freedom to think and choose our own directive.

I feel like I've gone too deep again.
Here's a good anime reco you might want to follow


A profitable system will always be a profitable system.
But a profitable system, in the hands of a user with the wrong mindset, becomes the wrong system.

Looking for stocks in the Market is like looking for Pets. Sometimes they're ugly... But if you know how to handle them properly, you might just be rewarded with a handful of goodies.

"Look Ma! Fifi just made more cute Little Fifis"

This concludes the story of little Angela who wished for a puppy for Xmas but misspelled "Santa" for "Satan" when she sent that letter.

See what a little mistake can do? 

I seriously hope this post made sense to you. Did it?


  1. IDC, BHI, STI? hmm

  2. Totally make sense. Helped me more to refine my strategy of choosing a pet.

  3. hahaha cool and it make sense :D

  4. Sir ZF, you may also want to check these animes:
    * Overlord
    * World Trigger

  5. It almost similar what happens yestrdy as I perfectly setup my auto TS system while hhvng breakfast at 9am and confident that TS will hit and exit Davin with a 9% gain.But due to wrong entry volume that mismatch my stock position it did went thru. But anyway having your blog I had still manage to trigger my cut loss.Lessoned learned carefully check or design another tool to check the position in my trading account.

  6. God bless Zee and to my trading buddy who introduce about you who earned beyond my expectation. Before that I already incurred about 80% of my port having wrong entry and no idea what I'm doing when MBC got its momentum last year. Reading those blogs of cut loss so 80% burnt my port after holding it 3mod hoping it will rise again. Right now I'm still OK having 17% in a month at least I'm doing the right way.