Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Personal Notes Series 013 : IX and the process of a high risk mentor

It was July of 2013 when I first started teaching a bunch of people about stocks - they were a mix of interested to desperate people. I didn't have the complete ZFT system then. It was just a couple of setups and tools that I put together from observing several popular traders during that time. It wasn't much but it worked on a few trade setups. 

I taught the first batch, Mithril - Kapitan's batch, because I genuinely wanted to help out. I didn't ask for money or favors, only that they pay it forward to two non-blood related kids in the form of education (paaral nila from elementary to college.)

Not long after that another batch came, and another, and another. We had sleepless nights and it didn't help that we played the schedule and curriculum by ear. Boy it was tiring! But it was also satisfying. 

I learned a lot as a human being and as a mentor.

Not everyone learns at the same pace.
Not everyone gives value to things that are given for free.
Not everyone has the same level of passion and dreams.

Not everyone wants your help.
Not everyone appreciates your kindness.
Not everyone sees the world through your eyes.

Even if you do good, some people will still find fault.
And most people will be quick to judge according to their perception of reality.

The list goes on.

I started out as an Idealist. Believing there's genuine goodness in people. But after several batches, I've become more of a realist. My views became balanced. 

Dealing with people inside and outside ZFT reinforced and helped me find my core values in life. I learned not to sugarcoat the truth and accept that not everyone can be saved and not everyone has your best interest in mind.


I was back-reading my Skype conversations and it just sank in how Kidlat would be retiring from mentoring the Subasta batches and that IX would be the Kaptain's last. This was something inevitable but I didn't realize it would be this early. IX would also be my last as a Subasta Mentor.

I personally feel the need to move on to my next phase in life.

(I'm still contemplating if we would pass this project on to the next Generation of ZFT Elites)

"If money wasn't an issue, what would you be doing right now?"

I posed this question last Month.

Aside from my answer of travelling and experiencing cultures, do the things I wished I could do when I was but a child, troll, game on my favorite unit... I do feel the need to search for and start my own family - and this I believe, will take a lot of time and dedication from me.

Because what else is there to do Zee?

What would you do if you were in your 20s and have a collective of ports in the 8 Figures? I'm open to ideas. Let me know in the comments below.


Remember this post?

(Click here to read)

We've already successfully duplicated ourselves to others and it's time for us to pass on the ZFT flag to the next generation.

I'd say ZFT's total popoulation has already reached the first hundred. I'm confident to declare that at least 10% have made it to the full time trader mark where they can milk the markets in ANY given condition. And I'm waiting for this number of full time traders to increase by this year. It just melts my heart whenever I see another ZFT out of the rat race. Nakaka proud.

I do not wish to build a legacy. That's why we hide behind masks. If people would know my name and see my face, credit and judgement would fall to me. If there's something I wish people would remember, it's this : 

A story of how God raised some stock market newbie who's imperfect, lazy and unorthodox to be successful in the markets and bring hope to the community. Because I shit you not, I wouldn't be here if God didn't walk with me through this Journey. I'd probably be somewhere abroad, managing some business. 

And If I was able to do it, why can't anyone else?

I hope that The Project SEED team and the whole ZFT community would continue this culture of paying it forward.

Special thanks to those who have been tirelessly working to make things life easier and fun for the ZFT and the whole trading community. Good job to the people behind the Badge WarsThunderbolt, Olympiad, The Oracle, and Excalibur - you know who you are.

To the incoming IX batch, Let's do this!



  1. wanted to be part of the ZFT tribe way back then, passion and dedication to study is always there :) :)

  2. "What would you do if you were in your 20s and have a collective of ports in the 8 Figures?"
    I suggest funding a radio station that preaches the gospel, the word of truth rightly divided; unabridged, unadulterated. Yes, the internet is already there in the information age. But there are a lot of areas especially rural that even the net can hardly reach, but old-school radio can. Deep inside you know it's what the world needs.
    If ever you'll consider this, please leave a response here and I'll PM you. :)

  3. Sometimes when we reach that plateau, people try to look for something else. Worst case scenario those people will find themselves back to where they are comfortable. It's like Beatles disbanding and Eraserheads locally probably under the assumption that they have done everything already and there is nothing more to do. Only to find themselves playing the music again either as another band or as solo. Because it just run thru their blood.

    You are the best on what you do so why leave it.

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  5. Continue trading. At the same time, establish my own foundation to extend financial assistance to top students with very high potential. They can select their own course/ school and after studying they must give back to the community/ country.

  6. Suggestions:
    -study game development (haha)
    -increase awareness of Filipinos on different forms of investments (stocks, mutual funds, etc)

  7. You gave it all to your followers its just right to focus on yourself too. We will miss you ❤ Many many thanx sir Zee 💋 I will never forget you ✨

  8. Join government. Trade for SSS, GSIS, DBP, LBP, etc. Enrich the entire country boss.

  9. What would I do in my 20s with collective ports in the 8 figures?
    -- I would go into business that would be self sufficient and could feed the community as well. What kind of business? A swine farm. 1 sow would give birth to 22-26 pigs a year. That's almost 2 tons of meat per year per sow. Imagine how many people that would feed.
    -- then set up a free guide on pig raising so the community can feed itself. Like you said, teach a man how to fish..

  10. ill make storage room for RAK, and worship house..
    while giving to the needy, ill preach the Gospel to them, ill share the Goodness of GOD,
    proclaiming that JESUS is always GOOD. :)

  11. "What would you do if you were in your 20s and have a collective of ports in the 8 Figures?"
    I will buy a parcel of land start farming. I will hire people who came from poor families. I know a lot of people here in our place, who are despite being poor are trustworthy and very loving to their family. It just sudden me that they cannot finish their studies and find it hard to land a job. I will hire them and help them finish their studies or perhaps help them start a business of their own.

  12. ZEE!! thanks for another "katindig balahibo " personal note! i always! always! read those personal notes of yours!
    God bless you!

  13. Boss Z!! (Pwedeng mga ganito ang gawin..hehe)
    1) Be an investor (lalo la dun sa may malaking potential tska cguro ung malaki dividend..hehe)
    2) Build a Church- And in Church after mass, announce that there is free scheduled Stock Market Awareness/Programs (once or twice a week) open to less fortunates, capable people and others; BUT have a disclaimer that before they could join, they shall take an oath to pronounce and act the Word of God to other people, help/encourage also the needy to attend church at least every Sunday and introduce/help others the Stock Market.
    3)Produce a book on trading system under the author of Zeefreaks but before they could buy/have it, they should send a message and agreed (with signed document) to you why they want it, how they would help other people with your book and their knowledge in Trading/Stocks and how they can contribute to our country. And every six months, buyers of your book shall send you updates/meet with you regarding their trading, how where they able to help other people, etc. (Parang pang President lang a..hehe)
    4) Get Stocks in an High School or College, then if possible, add a curriculum or elective related to Stock Markets, Trading System, etc. where you will be the instructor or at least hire/let your students before to teach on your behalf.

  14. Hi Zee, when you say that you want to move on, do you mean you'll retire from trading, ZFT, or just mentoring? Also, if you will still continue to trade, will you continue this blog? I want to join the tribe next year (or the one after that) once I have the funds and it wouldn't be complete if I don't meet the boss (even if you're no longer a mentor). =)

    Thanks and good luck to your next endeavor!

    1. I'd be stepping down from the ZFT mentoring. I'd like to pass it on to the next bright minds of ZFT. I'll still continue to trade and be in ZFT naman. Good luck next year! I'm pretty sure ZFT will still have mentoring programs prepared.

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    3. Make a book !

    4. Thanks Boss! Also to answer your question, "If you were in your 20s...", I would probably travel around the globe.. some more. My legacy is already there and ZFT is thriving so I would dwell on the selfish side this time. Yun ay kung malabo pa mag-asawa at magka-anak. It would be cool to have your whole family with you while you're traveling. Also, if money is not an issue, I would have married and had a child sooner. Because there are a lot of perks having kids and seeing them grow while you're still young and at your prime.

  15. sana boss you still blog from time to time. This is the end of an era. i know that in some shape or form; your tradition of teaching others will continue. Iapply ko lang yung trendlines naging ok na ko. How i wish i can join the final batch before the curtain call.

  16. "What would you do if you were in your 20s and have a collective of ports in the 8 Figures?"
    Preach the gospel. putting a Church especially in the slum area at hard to reach tribal areas. also become a missionary as well.
    become a realtor who develop areas for the poor.

  17. Enjoy life with the people you love and
    Give back to the community.

  18. I'm still building the fund to join to.Maybe a year,,
    For the question of having 8figures of port on my 20's is Ill find investment that can support my monthly expenses while continuously trading. Preach some gospels,have some scholar and promote financial literacy

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  20. I do always commend you not only for being a great trader but most of all for being a mentor. I have seen your vision through the likes of Akio and Alpha. They've carried the tribe's mission with them. Thank you for being a part of my journey. God bless you always!

  21. Enjoy Life to the Fullest! your still young Sir ZFT and hope you still have the power to share your
    knowledge to all aspiring traders like me ako po ay isang OFW and Im loking forward to go home soon and be with my family hindi ko pingarap na sa FB at IMO ko nkikita lumalaki ang anak ko! I hope someday I'm confident and financial enough to make trading for living and be able to join your tribe to learn how to share the blessing! - Lapu Lapu

  22. Funnel your resources to help, support and invest in entrepreneurs and social enterprise who is building projects that creates changes and impact in society.

  23. Dadating talaga tayo sa part ng life na we had achieved our dreams na we have to create a set of new ones.
    Appreciation of what you have now will lead to happiness & eventually you'll find out what you want to do with your life.
    And if you do, just make sure it is the thing that makes you HAPPY.

    You & I are so alike except in the religious or Godly concept :).
    I want to see all People out of the rat race & maybe one thing to do is to spread financial literacy.

    yun lang muna idol,


  24. How about starting seminars sa mga schools (especially public schools) on trading as an option for work instead of the usual corporate job? We filipinos tend to think that having a corporate job or being an ofw are the only options for work.

  25. I suggest magpatayo po ng school (free school like elem or high school) :) that can help younger generations to dream more in spite of having nothing.

  26. After reading this blog this past couple of days, you really have a good taste in music :D thanks for the lessons.

  27. Sir Z, publish your unorthodox trading strat.; we have limited filipino trading books thats really worth reading. A legacy of the people who hides beyond the mask. Maybe a compilation of all the zft members.

    Hopefully your book can inspires new generation of young kids in far flunk areas. Who doesn't have internet or never heard about rak, nor psei or trading.

    Kids nowadays are gamers; but even gamers sometimes doesn't have any ideas what psei dow or nasdaq.

    Thank you for continuously influencing people.