Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Superman Effect and thoughts on Maximizing Profits

Borg Plays are Love.


I've sold all my ALCO shares on those two ports as my trailing stops were hit. Average sell for both accounts were near 1.35 - it's a bit tough to sell when you've got conviction volume that could influence the market Up or Down. The high for the day was at 1.67

One person was asking me why I wasn't able to maximize my gains by selling everything at the 1.5-1.6 levels.  I told him...

"It's not about maximizing gains. 
It's about maximizing your system."

Who would have known that 1.67 was the top? No one can consistently predict and trade the tops and bottoms of the market. If you were able to sell all your ALCO shares at 1.67 successfully based on your gut-feel, then good for you. But would you be able to sell at the tops on the next trade? And how about the one after that? 

As human beings, our emotions will most likely be consistently inconsistent, which can lead to flawed trading decisions. But a trading system, with constant practice, can be consistent.


You know that feeling when you have successive bad trades and you feel your confidence levels drop? It's a terrible state and  sometimes you'll find yourself stuck in what we call makabawi syndrome. But you know what's equally terrible? 

The Superman Effect.

This happens when you've "hit the jackpot" by winning several or few trades with conviction and you gain some sort of high - you feel like you're indestructible, that you'll be able to replicate your trophy trade on to the next one with ease. There's some sort of immense control you feel over the markets as if it would do your bidding.

You execute trades that are high risk because you feel like you can take the punches. After all, you've gained a good buffer of gains to offset potential losses.

"Okay lang malugi. YOLO. Afford ko naman."

And you know what the worst part is? When you come to a point that you've lost all your gains because of over trading and you don't realize that you're slowly transitioning into the Makabawi Syndrome.

So after selling my ALCO positions, I decided to impose a 24-hour purge and trading ban in my port to be damn sure I won't get high with my profits and go Superman! I sold all other positions and I've decided not to think of the next trade (if possible) and just relax my mind.

Always remember, don't trade when you're excited or fearful. If you're under the Makabawi Syndrome or the Superman Effect, purge until your emotions are at Zen - and you won't be able to do this if you're still holding existing stocks, following your favorite guru, or that noisy facebook group, and that useless subsrciption.

Trade when you are ready. Body, Mind and Soul.

3.X M in 4 days. Not sure how much I gained exactly too lazy to compute right now. 

Not bad right?


  1. bakit parang ambilis ng COL dito senpai..hahaha..nkakaapekto ba yung laki ng port?

  2. Sir ZF, ano pong time frame ginamit mo?

  3. Salamat sa article, idol. I'm currently using your teachings sa sports betting. :D

  4. This happened to me last year and fortunately learned from it. Thanks for the enlightenment Sir ZF. 😊

  5. thanks for dis article sir zee, another article to think about!

  6. naka relate po ako sa "SUPER MAN SYNDROME" sana nabasa ko ito ng mas maaga huhuhu...

  7. sir bakit po iba yata yung charting nyo sa col?ganon din ba pag premium? thanks po

  8. magkano po ba ang capital na required para ma-consider ka ng COL as premium? TIA sir

    1. COL PREMIUM Minimum Investment: P1 Million

  9. same question sir bakit po iba ang charting nyo sa col? diba bago na ang charting nila? yung chart nyo po yung sa old col pa.

  10. add me in dota2 zf my name is Cheese :))

  11. Very timely para sa akin buti nabasa ko.. salamat Sir ZF

  12. Sir Zee, ilan na po MMR nyo now? hehe

  13. Read this blog when it came out few years ago, and I have seen a video in youtube recently and had a thought about the similarity of superman syndrome on it. The sample goes like this: what is the odds of you winning a coin toss betting on heads over tails if you had won 5 straight head and you bet on the sixth toss? Answer: The result of the sixth toss is independent on your previous 5 winning toss. The answer is not head or tails but neither or 50/50. This comes with the phrase, "You are only good as your last trade"