Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tandem Plays: IPit Game & Enternet Game

Looks like EG wasn't the only Game in town.

IP Weekly Chart

What Does 253 Know That We don't?
Looks like this guy was the unfair investor mentioned in the disclosure.

Top 5 IP Buyers September 26 - Bloodbath Day

Top 5 IP Buyers September 28

-- Update (October 5) --

-- --

Here are a few Phrases Speculators like me love to hear: 

Voluntary Trading Suspension

2. The corporation will make significant disclosures on October 4, 2011.

Pursuant to the foregoing reasons, the Corporation requests for voluntary trading 
suspension in order to prevent an investor to have an undue or unfair advantage on 
the trading of IP shares.

But of course... 
Trading Suspensions can be quite deadly at the same time.
Remember what happened to DGTL-O and SMC?
Speculators like me might end up as IPits.

And with IPit stock on trading suspension, some IPit Speculators 
might just play some of my beloved Enternet Games.



  1. sarap basahin ng blog mo boss zee, really informative idigest ko po at aralin lahat ng blog mo salamat boss zee

  2. New in trading. Gonna read all your blogs Sir Zee. Thank you.