Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Sentiment Cycle: WIN

"It was a Good Ride Captain."

You Saw This Coming Right?

(Click Image To Enlarge)

No matter how Good or Crappy the fundamentals, 
it is emotions that drive the price.

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  1. parang BHI lang ah haha!


  2. Glad I got all of my position out at 0.50s when I read your Tandem Play, I really like the 4chan reference ROFL

    On a sidenote, heard that brokers short sell this stuck along with PHES so they could accumulate at the bottom, any confirmation on this, or just an attempt from those who are long in this stuck to liquidate on naive buyers?

    Anyway, I'm still willing to buy back my shares, just waiting for the right opportunity again.

  3. If you think WIN = BHI, then check BHI for your guidance.

    Regarding your question on the brokers that short sold the stuck..
    I really don't know... I just read the chart. less stress. :D

    Trend is your friend.

  4. WIN on weekly chart, so far the 50% fibo support @ 0.36 seem to hold, needs to break 61.8% fibo @ 0.42 with volume and secure the 0.40+ range in order for the bulls to take over, weekly RSI @ 34% same RSI as it was last Nov. when it was trading @ 0.11, weekly Stochastic at its low @ 27% same level as it did last October when it was trading 0.10, weekly MACD selling signal last March waiting to converge. WIN on monthly chart, so far 7 month uptrend line hold, Stochastic @ 58% with buying signal, RSI cooled down from a high of 88% to 68%

    PHES on weekly chart, currently sitting @ 61.8 fibo support @ 0.66, weekly RSI @ 57%, MACD selling signal, next fibo support @ 50% is @ 0.56 which is also 20 weekly MA. PHES on monthly chart, current RSI is @ overbought levels @ 77% and also Stochastic @ 70% with selling signal. Price sits above 7 month MA which is currently @ 0.52

    Based on technicals, we'll be seeing more divergence in price action between WIN & PHES, with the former moving upward, while the latter downward

    2 rumors emerged: (1)WIN JV w/ MEG while PHES no JV w/ ALI & (2)PHES JV w/ ALI while WIN gets 40% share in JV + CCP bid win, so far based on weekly quotes WIN gained 4.1% while PHES lose 8.1% on a 2.5% gain of PSEi for the week. With anticipation of a disclosure coming as early as next week, this would be a game changer for both. Judging from the rumor, WIN would be benefited from both scenario specially the former, while PHES only the latter. With no disclosure, both will be at the mercy of speculators, punters, bashers, and the like.

    As always. CAVEAT

    PD: Have both