Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Suicide Plays - Triple A

Where indeed little Girl... Where indeed...

All this time I've been trading AAA since it hit the 1.xx Levels.
Damn, i should have held and forgot about it. That's all hindsight now. Tsk Tsk Tsk.
Even getting bloodshot eyes as a result of waiting for this horsie to
pop out on the ticker during the consolidation phases.  

Ok. ok. Enough with the useless introduction Zee and let's get down to business. 
I couldn't help but notice a few broker(s) accumulating, even Hoarding the "cookies". 

Did the computations for you lazy readers. Hihihi

Brokers to Watch: 
House 206 = Management Broker

I think it's safe to say that Houses 263, 200, and 232 are either
CRAZY or they know something JUICY!

Now, the reason why i put this entry under "Suicide Plays" is
because of the current board - the bid/ask spread.

It's like a CHUCKY stuck!

Once you buy a 100k Shares, you won't be able to sell it so easily.
If you do, this stuck might find itself in the top 10 Losers!

To the adVENTUREr, If you're reading this,
Aren't you the same guy who played AAI and pushed it to a hundred?
hAAApy hoAAArding to you! Hihihi...

When the endgame comes, i just hope this cookie would turn out to be a hell of a fortune cookie.



  1. very good investigative analysis. I follow your blog.
    I'm seeing a negative divergence on the MACD and the price that might signal a drop in the near trading days of Feb.

  2. Thanks Elmer. :) I do hope that we get a taste of
    what's cooking in the coming days. Can't wait for it.

  3. Abangan ko to after ko sa ever. hehehe

  4. Luckily I have both AAA & EVER coz I'm belly belly greedy, sana di ako karmahin, dahil I have the luck of the water dragon from SOuth China Sea, ay ambot nalang.