Thursday, October 11, 2012

APM : Blowoff

"Just BUY Tomorrow and Enjoy the "JUMP" in the coming days."

APM 6 month Weekly Chart 10.11.2012

Update 10.12.2012

One last hurrah before the fall?
I know both these stock are different but chartwise similar.

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Update 10.16.2012

Should there be another decline tomorrow. 

Bullish = price not going below .088 or .091 (the higher the better) + volume not greater than today's

Update 10.19.2012

The next two trading days will be critical.

Update 10.24.2012

If there will be another decline/(consolidation) in the coming days,
Bullish = Price not closing below .15/.151 + Volume not higher than today's

Always set your stops.

Update 10.27.2012

We should see a clear direction on where this is heading within the next 1-2 trading days. 
Any close on or above the .16 Level would be considered bullish. Peg your Stop on .144


  1. not so fast zee. let's make money muna. :D

    1. Of course. :D One last hurrah before the fall? *Isip-isip

  2. blowoff volume confirmed na with that 1 Billion value traded.

  3. Sounds like a plan. My gut tells me there really is something here, outside of all the hyping.

  4. Your blog posts are like watching a sports game. Bitin! What happened next? the next blog post on apm doesn't have a screenshot of the drop and bounce of the stock.