Thursday, October 11, 2012

GREEN : Distribution or Breakout?

Some say Distribution,
Others say Breakout.
What say The Jockeys?
And what say You?

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Multi Year Chart - Weekly View

1 Year Chart - Weekly view

Recent Points of Interest:

"Pursuant to the Investment Agreement, Cleantech (i) subscribed to 20,776,856,000 
primary shares of the Company for a total subscription price of PhP415,537,300.00, 
and (ii) was issued two (2) Warrant Certificates under the American call option covering 
10,489,500,000 shares of the Company with a strike price of P0.02 per share and 
10,489,500,000 shares of the Company with a strike price of P0.03 per share, 
exercisable within 1 year and 3 years from issuance, respectively."

Please be informed that on September 14, 2012, Greenergy Holdings Incorporated (the 
“Company”, formerly MUSX Corporation) entered into a preliminary agreement (“Term 
Sheet”)  with  Hydroring Capital BV  (“HC”)  for the development, operation and 
management of multiple hydropower projects, infrastructures and/or facilities  in the 
Philippines using the “Hydroring”-concept, with the aim of providing affordable access to 
environmentally friendly and sustainable sources of renewable energy.  HC is a Dutch 
enterprise which has developed a hydropower concept based on a portfolio of proprietary 
turbine innovations with a variety of added value components.

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