Thursday, December 20, 2012

Basura Plays : The Looper

This stock really loves to do a loop in time. 
But I wonder if things will be different this time around.

Post Update 12.22.2012

If prices consolidates above .375 in the next two trading weeks,
we might have something here. - Next BHI/PHES?
(Click Image To Enlarge)

For your own safety, please follow your OWN trading plan 
and do not believe the crazy trader. Hihihihi.

Ideal Buy Price @ .375 / 38
Cutpoint = If prices closes below .375
(Darvas Method)

Additional Notes:
Jockeyed Stock, has high Volatility, and is currently in a "Slightly Liquid" state.
Expect another +50% Upside If Recent 52-Week High Gets Broken.


  1. whats your take on EVER's price action now?

  2. Base building. As long as .375/38 holds... Game still on. ;)