Sunday, January 6, 2013

Investor Mode : AP

Using TA, I'm trying to find and "time" good
[strong fundamentals] stocks for long term investment.

My Criteria In selecting stocks for this page:
1 - Must have Good Fundamentals (Obviously)
2 - Moves Faster Than the Usual Blue Chip or has "controlled" movements.
3 - Good Liquidity - Enough to Buy 8 Figures Worth of Shares and still be able to sell with ease
4 - Ripe Technicals - Where Technicals tell you there's a possibility for at least 10% upside within 3 Months.

Techs Are ripe for another BORG RUN!
AP currently in Type B Movement.
I'm expecting it to do a Type C in the coming days.

AP Daily Chart

There are no Target Prices.
Only Trailing Stops.


  1. nice idol zee, thank you for this. was just looking for a stock to invest for long term.

  2. nice TA master zee, i wonder if who is better pgold or ap since they are almost on the same price