Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ZHI : A Case Study

Fool me once, shame on you...
Fool me twice.. shame on me...

I wonder what rumor they unleashed on the markets this time.

The Ceiling Season...
Has it come?

ZHI's recent move reminds me of the good old days...

I remember this stock being 2011's "Mountain King"
The strongest GREEN on the sea of RED.

The Charts below, I post as a Swing Trader.

Dear Students, Read, Analyze, Digest.
Setting Tight Stops

Post Update

Post Update

ZHI Chart 1.31.2013
(Market Not yet closed)

Post Update

The Aftermath...

Possible Bounce in the coming days.

Such is the cycle.
Techs don't lie.


  1. nice post zee, im new to charting. So its not late to accumulate zhi? :)

  2. DON'T accumulate ZHI! It's a dead stock. If you ever want to buy, buy for the bounce! Don't hold for long.

  3. Good PM Sir Zee,

    Ask ko lang po what time frame you use. 5 minute? 10 minute? 15 minute?
    which one is better for basura plays? 1 minute chart?
    For TF? Daily chart or Hourly chart?
    sa chart na "Dear Students, Read, Analyze, Digest. Setting Tight Stops", is this a 10 minute chart?

    Tnx po Sir Zee! :)