Monday, February 23, 2015

The Hungry Games : Zodiac Edition

The Game where you don't want to lose. 
May the odds be ever in your flavor. 
Good luck Zodiacs. :3

Game Rules and Updates will be finalized and shall 
be posted here before the week ends.

The Hungry Games

The objective of this game is to test the conviction of zodiac players in picking stocks and also to make stock trading more fun!

Main Rules

· Every week you have 1 Million HGM (Hungry Games Money) and you need to pick only ONE

(1) stock to trade per week.

· Gains or losses realized after one week will not be credited to your starting money for the following week. You always start with a fresh 1 Million HGM every week.

· You can choose to avail one of your 3 trading immunities if you do not want to trade and would just like to have a cash position for one week. You can give your trading immunity to

your teammate if you want to and if you think it will help your team win.

Buying Rules

· Your buying price can only be Friday’s closing price of your chosen stock. You cannot buy at intraday prices.

· You can enter your buy order every Saturday to Monday morning 8:00 AM.

· Orders entered on Monday at 8:01 AM onwards will not be accepted and instead one of your 3 trading immunity will be automatically used so you can just stay at a cash position
for that week.

· If you do not have trading immunity anymore and you were not able to execute a buy transaction, you will be fined PHP500.00 for that week. All proceeds collected here will be donated to the school supported by boss ZF and invicta.

Selling Rules

· You can sell your positions between Monday to Friday but only on the closing price. You cannot sell at intraday prices.

· If you are not able to sell, your position will automatically be sold on Friday’s closing price.

Sample Trade:

Stock Pick: UNI
Buy: Feb. 13, 2015 (Friday) at 0.355
Sell: Feb. 18, 2015 (Thursday) at 0.55
%Gain/Loss: +54.93%

Please be accurate in inputting your stock’s closing prices. You will be fined PHP200.00 for each incorrect entry of a stock’s closing price. All proceeds collected here will be donated to the school supported by boss ZF and invicta.

All orders entered will be kept confidential by the Game Master.


Each team member’s ending week trade value will be combined to get the team’s total trade value. The team with the highest total HGM on-hand wins! Teams at second and third place are losers.

Results will be posted in the Zodiac Facebook site and released on weekends.

Rewards and Penalties

The winning team gets PHP 1,200 every week for every win or PHP 300 per member.

Winnings can be accumulated so that the winning team can request for bigger valued items at Zalora/Lazada or just a free dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Second-place finishers need to pay PHP400 every week to the winning team or PHP100 per member. Third-place finishers need to pay PHP800 every week to the winning team or PHP200 per member.

There will also be a “Top Hunter of the Week”, wherein the player with the most HGM-on- hand will get PHP 50 from each player or a total of PHP 550 every week.

Negotiations on how and when the payment is to be made will be left to the parties involved on the provision that all debts must be paid within 3 months. At the beginning of the 4th month, each member should have zero debt in his or her name.

Grand Prize

At the end of 1 year, the team with the most wins will receive a total of PHP 10,000 or PHP 2,500 per player and will be named “Hungry Games World Cup Champion of 2015.” Prize

money will again come from the losing teams.

Grand Penalty

PHP 900 from each member of the team at 2nd place for a total of PHP 3,600 PHP 1,600 from each member of the team at 3rd place for a total of PHP 6,400

The Top Hunter of the year or the player with the most HGM on hand after 1 year will receive a total prize of PHP 2,200 or PHP 200 from each player and will be named the “Hungry Games Top Hunter of 2015”. The next 4 top hunters will also receive PHP 700 each or a total of PHP 2,800 from the bottom 7 players. The top 5 hunters will be called the “Hungry Games Mythical Five of 2015”.

There is no end to the Hungry Games, only death from starvation will set you free. May the odds be ever in your flavor!

- Zodiac Game Masters.

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  1. Curious lang sir, did they used their real port in this game?