Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The ZF Mentoring Program

Recently we have been getting 
a lot of letters like these:

And there are types like this:

I would like to address the issues and FAQs regarding our
Tribe's Mentoring Program, 

1. When is the next batch?

I don't know. We are still training the current batch and we will
 formally end on mid April. After this, we will still think about if
 we will take more people in our tribe or not.

2. Who will be teaching and what?

I, ZF. Kidlat Santelmo, and 'M.' (Only two students have 
graduated ever since I started mentoring). As for the "what" 
we will teach... that will remain a secret.

3. How long is the program?

2-4 Months.

4. How many slots per batch?

Minimum of 3. Max of 12. We do not do seminars and we don't go
 for numbers. We know our limits and we go for quality.

5. How much? <--- (Most Asked)

Every batch has a different condition. But if you really want a number. It's between 50k-500k. 
(I don't get why this became a big issue)

Now before you react and post your whiny comment... read on.

6. Why are we doing this? <--- (Almost never asked)

We believe in "paying it forward." To help others in need as we
 once were. We do not do this for money. 
We already have tons of that. 

And you can't bribe us for us to teach you and 
accept you as part of our tribe. 


Relationships > Money

We as a tribe, would like to set an example to others. 

The fact that you are able to trade and invest in our markets means
 that you have 'extra money.' And this money, be it a 7 or 8 figure
 'coffee' money or a 5 to 6 figure hard earned life savings money
 can mean a lot to people who desperately need it.

We do not claim to be gurus or some market geniuses.
We just have a heart for people.

Now if you're wondering why I say we aren't doing it for money
 and yet ask for a big fee... There is deeper truth to this... But to
 enlighten everyone (especially all ya haters out there) Here's the
 condition for batch 5 : 

And yes you heard that right. Applicants have already been
 selected, hand picked, or invited for Batch 5.

And once Zodiac (Current Batch 4) finishes, 
I expect some of them to handle future batches as well.
We will just post announcements via the ZF FB Page.

You see, ZF is more than just a work of fiction. 

It's a Cause.


  1. Mr.Zee, I work Mondays to Saturdays and on Holidays (staff at sales office), what is the schedule of your mentoring, just in case.
    Do I need to quit my job? I am really interested.
    Thank you,

    1. Hello Patrick. You can visit this link

      Or you can message the ZF FB Page once the next batch is ready. No need to quit your job IMO.

  2. Sorry out of place but.. Sir, your thoughts on NI?

  3. paying it forward! salute sa inyo mga boss!

  4. Me:*cries in the corner* mahirap pala makapaspk sa mentoring program mo sir Zee.. Magbabasa na lang po ako dito, pero for the cause, i hope marami pa kayong NGO na matulungan :)

  5. since marami ng batch. hindi na pla si Zee nag tuturo. so sa hierarchy, after ZF, is ang dalawang 4 star generals. si Kidlat at MG, tapos 3 star generals sila celeste? wow. malaking organizadong groupo na pla. hehehe. congrats po. hope lalong lumaki ang tribe to be a Hedge fund/Holdings firm na may advocacy sa less fortunate. thank you po

  6. Sir, currently I'm sponsoring the expenses of my nephew in school . Will that count as a fee? Or will I get a discount? Or do I still have to sponsor another kid at your tribe's choice?