Friday, June 19, 2015

Bear Traps

Every great candle has a story.

Take the long wick of that green candle for example

that didn't happen abruptly.

Was it planned?

I don't know.

In this story, we have the Bears.

They are Bad-ass MOFOs who are the root of all 
the decline in the world - for obvious reasons.

And a great army they are.

They advance and lead the way to more destruction.
Because that's how they are.

But little did they know of what lies beyond.
A worthy adversary. Lying in wait for the perfect 
moment the bears let their guard down.

Suddenly out of the mists
they find themselves caught in a trap.

Behold the battlefield is ready.

Enter the Bulls.

Swift, mighty, and just like the bears,
they are many.

They seize the moment and lunge for the enemy.

Without fear they pounce.

For this is their destiny.

(The exact moment the bears knew they were F****ed)

Battled raged the whole day.

But the mighty bulls emerge the victor.

And claim the spoils of war. 

But the bears never forget. 

Patiently, they wait, as the bulls were.
For the moment they reclaim their honor
and seize their destiny.

The end.