Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Random Log 6.2.2015 - A

A few days ago a friend asked me 
"When was the first time you got exposed to stocks?"

And after some time. It got me thinking.

Then my mind was blown as I remembered I was "playing" stocks
as early as 2001 along when I created my first email address 
that sounded extremely corny.

Maybe that's one reason why I see the markets as a Game.

Foreshadowing just got real.


  1. Wow Neopets! I used to play there every day when I was in grade school.

    1. IKR. Was a neopet addict before. Always loved the idea of hoarding neopoints.

  2. I'm actually an addicted gamer before as well but after entering stock market.. I rarely play anymore and focus on learning this game. I hope to reach your rank in the stock market game :P

  3. Wow! I haven't heard of neopets for a long time! I used to play it too. I did a quick google search and surprisingly they are still alive!