Sunday, August 30, 2015

The 8 Deadly Sins in Trading


There's just something special about trading. You just can't go 
through the day without it. You itch to trade even if it's a weekend.
 You sometimes loathe weekday holidays.

You don't really have to do it, but there's a certain 'high' you feel
 whenever you make a winning trade. And that feeling drives 
you to make more trades. 

You think to yourself 

"How will I be able to make money if I DON'T trade?"

Commission loss ain't that bad... Right?

- Commission



Fundamentals or Technicals.

You've gone a long way with these two. Both of them tell you the 
very things you want to hear. And for that, you love them dearly.

You reach the crossroads. You're at a loss. They can't mix. 
And you're allowed to choose, but only one.

"Love transcends all." You confidently tell them. 

Oh what a fool you are. But you're willing to be a fool just 
so you could be with them both.



Don't you just wish you could trade EVERY stock that went up? 
The want to trade every stock leaves your port in such diversity
 that you can't make decent returns. But that doesn't bother you.

Instead of focusing on a few conviction picks, you just want it all.
 When a stock you're eyeing goes up, you feel empty and left out.

"I knew it!" you blurt out. You tell your friends you saw it coming. 
They say the same. Even their deceased grandfathers saw it coming.

But were you able to buy? No.

You then continue to buy the next potential 'bagger' you see.



"So far so good." 

You think to yourself as you were able to get a stock at a low price.
 You believe nothing can go wrong at this point and nothing else
 will shake you - especially not those bashers and doomsayers.

Greed has gotten the best of you. You've bought more than what
 you can chew, after all, You Only Live Once. Hashtag. #. 

Cutting loss will never be an issue at this point so you don't set one.
 And so you not only count your profits for the day, but you also 
include tomorrow's. 

You then check the internet for the things you've been eyeing 
to buy. Like that new Iphone6.

"Nothing can go wrong" you chant. "Nothing."



The citizens of certain stock market groups are you biggest assets. 

"Why do you need to work hard, invest, or study when you can ask 
the experts for free?" You proudly tell your stock buddies while 
recommending your best group find.

You buy and sell the stock recommendations. You don't really plan
 your trades. But why? If it doesn't go your way there must be 
some bloody explanation. After all, experts can never go wrong.

You sip your morning tea while you comfortably recline on your 
couch and sing "que sera sera..."

A few weeks later you open your port with this reaction:



You completely sold down a certain stock to its low for the day 
and vowed to sell your dog if you ever trade it again.

"Hah!" You exclaim in delight as you think that it's all over 
for that stock.

It rallies the following day covering all loses it made for the whole
 week. You look at your dog. Your dog looks back.

"I was just joking." You say softly.

A complete whipsaw. It hurts as hell.

You once more look into the eyes of your loving dog, and say 
"I'm the hero you need. But not the one you deserve."

You know you shouldn't, but something tells you that you need to.

The Batdog Trader Rises.



You wonder why several of your friends are all in high spirits. 
They show you gains you've never seen before. You want what 
they have. And you want it bad!

They tell you to join in. Cause it's gonna be the next big thing.
 You've heard this many times before. You know it's not. But you
 say to yourself

"This time, it's different."



An expert. That's what you are. 

Success? You've tasted it. You know what it's like. You brag about 
the bagger trades you made years ago over and over again.
You tell everyone it's a piece of cake. 

Your past record will dictate the future.

Even when the market itself tells you otherwise, you simply 
announce to your followers,


You know shit just hit the fan. Oh you know it. But you just won't
 admit it. Pulling out words of wisdom from the experts of old 
seems to be the best way to cover it all up.

After all, you can never go wrong. Ever.


How many have you committed?


  1. may kilala ako pride man haha unang legal wife nya MEG daw.

  2. dat glasses looks familiar....hmmm :)

  3. hhahaha, i like the glasses part. its a perfect ending

  4. The batdog trader rises... hahaha! Katuwa!

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