Saturday, December 31, 2016

Personal Notes Series 012 : The Trials and Destiny of a High Risk Trader

I remember working my ass off in the corporate world and it was tough. I did many other odd jobs and tasted the business world. I knew deep inside these things weren't for me.

Then I tried trading. It was tough! Trading wasn't easy for me - as some people claim that I had talent for. I had to go through a harsh process. I had to go through much losses in order for me to reach where I am right now. And I'm thankful for all the pain and frustrations that came with it.

It wasn't instant like your favorite 3 minute noodles. 

I'd say it took me 3 years to be finally consistent in winning and keeping my gains. In those 3 years, I had 3 instances of a "Wipe Out" where you incur a loss and a mental block that challenges your will to continue fighting for financial freedom in the markets.

I got depressed, almost quit, and thought of suicide.

But there was hope. I believed God didn't put this passion of trading in me so I'd just die. I knew I was meant for something big. I just didn't know it yet. I prayed and sought God.

I believe if you pray for something, it isn't enough that you invoke faith. It should be accompanied with relative action. Faith without works is dead. Parang tumaya ka lang sa lotto and leave everything to chance.

So cheers to all you traders who are charting this day before the new year. (I was in your shoes before.) 


I've seen people who have worked their asses off, got good results but in the end, still felt empty inside - that despite their achievements and possessions, there was always something missing. 

And I've witnessed people who were favored in what they did. They also went through the same process of refinement. It wasn't easy. It never will be. There's always pain. But by the end of it all, you see them bringing that special impact to the community that only they could do.

One of the wisest who lived the earth once said..

"Unless the Lord builds a house,
the work of the builders is wasted.
Unless the Lord protects a city,
guarding it with sentries will do no good."

Let this be a reminder to all of us as we transition to the new year. In everything we plan in doing, let us seek God first and ask...

"What is my destiny? What is it that I am called for?"

And when we finally get the answer... we fight for it!

Happy new year everyone!


  1. nice post boss charting right now dito sa Gitnang Silangan habang hindi busy at walang boss. happy new year!

  2. Thanks zee.. Very inspiring..

  3. Always an inspiration boss zee.. ;)

  4. Happy New Year Sir Zee...

  5. Thanks for sharing this inspiring experience Bro!

    Been trading for almost a year and lost about 50% of my capital (one of my account is almost wiped out!). It gives me hope to know that a successful trader like you experienced the same thing (even worst).

    Special thanks for the reminder....

  6. thanks for lifting my spirit up sir! Amen!

  7. love this sir zee
    Unless the lord builds a house,the work of the builders is wasted.Unless the lord protects a city,guarding it with sentries will do no good. -Psalms 127:1

  8. after almost a year of trading with a 30% gain, am now trading at a 20% loss. its a bear market now. The TF plays are not working, the break out plays are also not working. bounce plays are very hard to catch. thank you for the inspiration