Sunday, December 31, 2017

Personal Notes Series 014 : Of Something and Nothing


Ahhh.. It's been such a year and so many things happened that I feel like my mind is still in such dissarray.

I've always wanted to travel and see the world when I was younger. I still do. And this year, I've dedicated most of my days travelling - you know, spending a week or two in one place and try to experience the place and culture as a local. I guess one of the best things you'd gain from the experience aside from the scenic views and great food, is a deeper understanding of humanity and your place in this world. 

Maybe you've noticed ZF isn't the usual ZF that he is anymore when he started. Well, to tell you honestly, I've been starting to feel burnt out.

Before when someone messages in the ZF page asking for help, I'd normally come to their rescue and give a friendly reply. Now, there's a 70% chance I'd scold the person or give cold replies. Am I getting too old for this?

One time, me and Celeste were talking about how our favorite TAP and other groups have been leading newbloods astray with their so called "trading systems." 

"Okay lang yan. We need a diversified market. The more ignorant traders there are, the more money for us." I replied. Have I turned bad? I remember this statement from Two-face in Dark Knight : 

Have I become a Villain? 

Thinking about it now, I guess I've neglected my inner child and forgot to have more fun than I should - releasing all my worries and not giving a single care in the world. Maybe I've taken more responsibility than I should and could handle? I don't know.

I would like to thank Rooting For Celeste for keeping my emotional health in check. If it weren't for you, I'd probably act like some old bitter fool ranting all the time.


This season, where our Filipino culture dictates that families spend time together, I decide to be alone. It's my first time to break tradition. I think I've experienced a glimpse of how OFWs feel being all alone working their assess off during this time of the year, in a foreign country for the sake of their family and loved ones. My heart aches for you people.

Nakakamiss din pala yung mga nakakainis na walang kamatayang tanong at statements ng mga aunties at uncles like : 

"Saan ka na connected ngayon?"
"May Girlfriend ka na?"
"Kelan ka ikakasal?"
"Tumaba ka yata?"

Kakaakward. Kakainis. Pero Kakamiss.

And you know what I've realized?

In order to fully appreciate something, you must first know what it's like to have nothing. And if you have it? Lose it. Then get it back all over again. Because even with all the money, recognition and authority I have, It still won't beat being with the people I love.


  1. happy new year boss! ako eto din mag isa ngayon dito sa saudi.. maya labas lang with friends.. mahirap talaga pag malayo sa family nakaka miss. pang limang taon ko na tong di nag papaaskot bagong taon sa pinas.. pero thankfull padin ako kase may work ako at may naipapadala sa kanila..

  2. I don't know you personally but you inspire me through your blogs. You changed my outlooks towards earning money. Keep doing what you do. You're a blessing to the world. God bless and Happy 2018!

  3. Boss Zee happy new year! It's true being an OFW myself, the homesickness is more challenging than the work itself abroad. With your fame, I'm sure your inbox (especially FB) is choked. Honestly, you don't owe anyone to answer their queries when people message you. I see people tamad lang talagang magsearch and magbasa ng blogs nyo. If they will just exert extra effort to read your blogs and other ZFTs videos (just like KAP's youtube channel), most of their answers will for sure be shed with light.

    Having said it though, I hope you don't grow tired helping newbies like us. Your blogs and other ZFT's sites ( Sirius Lee, alpha centauri, MG, rooting for celeste etc) honestly have been the foundation of my young (and work in progress) trading system. God bless

  4. Relatable story minus the travel and money. Hehe. Happy New Year Boss Z. More power to you and god bless in your endeavors. Your blog changed my life thank you

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  6. Relate si Ako.. Happy new year boss..

  7. Celeste ❤️ Yiheeee

  8. happy new year boss zee. mag isa din po ako nagcelebrate ng Christmas and new year for 15 years straight na walang uwian (hindi makauwi kasi tnt, mahihirapan pag bumalik) i remember the last time i saw my daughter when she was 1 year old (now she's turning 17) pero nasanay na din... kailangan eh... but im thankful kasi naiahon ko sila sa kahirapan at naitaguyod ko ang buhay namin kahit na magkakalayo. im so thankful din na nakita at nabasa ko ang blog nyo. nabago lahat ng perception ko sa stock market. nagkaroon na ako ng hope. naniniwala ako na isang araw, matututo na ako at makikita ko na ang pamilya ko... God bless sir ZF!

  9. happy new year boss zee,. mahirap talaga boss zee ang malayo sa family subra...

  10. I hope you fix your eyes on the things that matters the most.And the best investment will always be relationship.

  11. In order to fully appreciate something, you must first know what it's like to have nothing. And if you have it? Lose it. Then get it back all over again. Because even with all the money, recognition ( and authority I have-wala pa ko nito :D ), It still won't beat being with the people I love.

    Powerful message Boss Zee. Bottomline of it all, money will never make you happy but God will.

    God bless you and your family Boss Zee!

  12. Hi Zee, you've done well. It's ok to feel like that, tao lang naman.

    There's this 80 year long study in Harvard - What makes a good life?, and you know what they found? It is having good and happy relationships. :)

    Sharing the link below.

    God bless you.

  13. Sir, thank you for your post; mahirap talaga maging OFW. I turned away from your blogs 4-5 yrs ago kase akala ko basher ka lang ng ibang group. But after ko masunog as a FA. I removed myself from following gurus, remove my fb till now, di ako nadala; but i put my hard earned money in blue chips. While healing my self inflicted wounds. I opened an investagram account last december; not knowing na meron na pala ko noon. I guess, i suppressed my mind of everything about trading. I started watching kidlat's YouTube video. Nakita ko na ZFT pala sya, now I'm back reading all your post, I'm learning the past and relearning trading the zft ways. Thank you for insoiring and influencing traders like me. Di man ako gay, iha hug kita pag nakilala at nakita kita. (May pagbabantang naganap)

    Kulang ang salamat para pasalamatan ka. Pero SALAMAT!

  14. Such a informative blog. Day Trade is such a good thing and its good for income. If anyone interested in day trading. they should learn to trade the market

  15. I've always been a fan of the tribe and thought that you people like you would always be inspired to help others.. Relax boss Zee.. Always have time for yourself and have time to chitchat with your favorite people. It's always one of the best feelings you'll ever have. Hindi po yan nabibigay ng pera (I think)..Take a break po. Paano na lang kaming mga newbies >.< But really, you inspire us not just with the techniques you're teaching but together with the purpose like RAK... So, laban! :D

  16. This is my first time in your blog. I'm new to stock market, I want to learn the system and everything. :)
    Your Personal Note Series 014 was the first one I have read. :) Super glad you did not become a villain hahaha
    because there are still people like me who needs someone like you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.