Friday, February 23, 2018

Lessons Worth Millions

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I know I haven't written in a while. I've been on a journey of self discovery and much more - I'll reserve this for another time to give it justice.

What originally was a sharing of life lessons over lunch with some traders ended up with a glimpse of the future.

I have a certain stigma when it comes to brokers. But that changed today when i met people behind COL. Beyond the laggy servers, and all that money, are people who have a genuine heart to serve others. 

Thank you Taylor for introducing me to your family of traders in the 23rd floor - hope to meet and talk to everyone when the right time comes.

To the Lee brothers I met today, and to the founder Edward Lee, thank you for the wisdom you imparted.

If there's one lesson I'll remember until my grave it's this :

Purpose, character and being in the right community (culture) is better than being the best trader out there. 

What would you do if you're in the middle of trading high risk stocks and the founder of an established company visits you and starts imparting wisdom?

Would you choose your profits over a unique moment that will never happen again?

(took the screenshot before I was about to sell)


I lost a million worth of potential profits today and I didn't care. I'd even say it's the happiest million I spent. The snapshots above were before and after shots of my small port (check the time) - di pa kasama yung big port jan.


  1. "Purpose, character and being in the right community (culture) is better than being the best trader out there."

    Goosebumps! Thank you for this Sir. This made my day.

    - ZippLocker

  2. No amount of money can buy the wisdom you earned that day, and btw you are ZF, you are no stranger in having 7 digit profits ika nga “been there done that!” Ikaw parin talaga ang numbah one! Take care pastor, este lodi, 😎

    1. Hes our pastor. He is guiding us to the right path :))

  3. With the port youve lost in the past, for sure its nothing and easy for you to deal with. And with your strict rules and risk management I know this is worth it to test for. Still my idol. Almost done with your blog sir.

  4. I always wonder you as a depth and sincere person sir. Thank you for imparting your experience and ideas here.

    "Wisdom is better than silver or gold" -Bob Marley

  5. Whipsawed also Master Zee that time after lunch break. I guess its the same stock - PXP. My boss asked me to help him before the opening of the market and miss the opportunity to cut. Good thing it recovers the next day.

  6. Parang ung NOW lang!! pag balik mo duguan na..

    Wisdom is more important than money sir!! you made the right choice,ok lang yan sir.

  7. Maybe your stocks are $STR AT $HVN at that time sir!! Your entire Blog Helped me alot and I would like to say thank you for all the wisdom you shared to us.. Godbless you and your Family.


    Dahil idol kita name ng bunso ko na lalaki Zeeus.

  8. I hope I can also find the community of trader where I can be mentored. Checking on the fb sites most of them are hyper's who want newbies to be stuck with a bad trade.

  9. Thank you Sir ZeeFreaks


  10. Thank you Sir, ZeeFreaks


  11. Newblood since October and i must say, your blogs are gold and better to read than the noise in social media. Thank you and keep inspiring your countryman zeefreaaks. Godbless.

  12. Worth the read, as usual. Thanks lodi ZF!

  13. finished reading the whole blog, pero i'll have to re-read it again. see you on saturday @riftsg :D

  14. thank u sir! im reading some of your blogs😍 a big help for all the newbie like me in stock market.. how to be you sir.. dream to be like u one day🙏

  15. your follower. Thank you Zee. I love you! All love you!

  16. bat kasi bumisita ng trading time? echos lng! more power sa zft! :)