Friday, March 30, 2018

Poker Night

In my several years of mentoring and observing traders, let me tell you two "secret recipes" to becoming successful in this field...
The first one is your immediate peer group - it is not enough that you trust and are good friends with your peers in this field. Without proper goals and direction, wala ring aabutin yung support group mo. You'll all just be there pag nag iyakan na kayo sa group stock nyo.

So find peers who have the same mission as you to become better traders. Wag ka humanap ng taong mag eencourage sayo to HODL your losing positions. Instead, humanap ka ng mga taong papagalitan ka pag hindi ka nagcut. True friends will tell you the truth even if it hurts.

Now, this still isn't enough. You need to build deep relationships. The kind where you can share your deepest secrets and be vulnerable to. Because let's be honest here, nobody wants to be in a company kung saan nagagamitan lang kayo for your own selfish reasons - trust me, this isn't sustainable. Been there, done that. Nobody wants to be a springboard. So choose your peers carefully and be in it for the long haul.

I've seen too many batches and support groups fade slowly because they didn't build deep relationships. So make an effort to meet up every now and then even in your busy schedule. Don't limit yourselves in FB messenger, Skype and Discord. Invite mo din sa Vikings or Kpub minsan.

Friendly Tip: Wag na wag mo yayain sa Starbucks yan, highly likely iiwas yan. "PAWER!"

The second is the hours you put into mastering your craft.
A week ago we had our coffee session after our RAK. There were at least 12 ZFT traders in the room, 4 different batches were present. I asked for a show of hands - who in room was able to catch the recent bounce plays? (MRC, NOW, PXP)

Only three raised their hands. Out of everyone, just 3. Not even half. How can this be? Everyone had the same training drilled into them. So I asked another question - how long have you been trading using the system? Some answered a year, and some answered a few months. And the 3 who were able to catch the bounce? 3 years. 2 were from the Zodiac batch Henry Tan and Palzer Co Gozon. 1 was from the Pilot Program of Project Seed, Park Kim Chee.

Let me shed to you a dose of reality in the ZFT universe.
Once a ZFT student finishes our program, they don't automatically become trading machines that make tons of money. In fact, the majority will most likely end up negative in their overall performance. And this is because they go through a tedious process of finding their niche, their edge, their unique identities in the market.

Trading is just like any other craft. Even if I put all my effort into studying all the principles and theories of body-building in a week, that won't automatically give me a sculpted body. And even if I apply all the things I've learned within that week, that STILL won't give me that ideal sculpted body.

So here's one thing I'd like you all to understand. You want to be great in this field?


If there's such a thing as a shortcut, this is the shortcut.
So please, #TrustTheProcess


Side-note : I guess we should make this a regular thing. Poker and Board Game night. Good game gentlemen.


  1. Boss Zee, parang ang bagal ng progress ko, hindi kaya dahil wala akong stock buddies? ang hirap ng walang kakilalang nagte-trade personally. feeling ko magisa lang talaga ko, wala manlang makaintindi sakin lol, pinagkakatuwaan pa ng mga kawork ko yung ginagawa kong pagtetrade, akala nila madali hahaha buti nalang yung mga sinasabi nila lahat sakin ginagawa kong gasolina para lalong lumakas yung apoy sa loob ko. sana balang araw magkaron ako ng stock buddies na same kami ng goal. HAYST :o

    1. Hello! Pwede ka sumama sa study group namin. We follow ZFT Method (No news, no hype)

    2. Hi Katniss, panu sumali sa group nyo? newbie lang din ako and i want to follow the ZFT method. TIA

    3. interesado din ako sa study group.

    4. interested here. pano sumali?

  2. Great reminder. Will keep this in mind as I search for myself and the crowd I'll be with. :)

  3. tama mas maganda may mga ka buddy ka na gusto magvtrade.. unlike sken mag isa lang. nd ung video lang ni boss aki kap nd other foreign trade viseo napapanuod ko. wla po ba kau bozz z n program sa mga new b na tulad ko po

  4. Hello po, im also a newbie in this kind of business. gusto ko po makasali sa group nyo to learn the ZFT method. papano mo magjoin? thanks a lot.

  5. Hindi napahalagahan yung mga bits n pieces of the process na hindi nalalaman ng mga hindi naman natraining sa zft. Yun ung nagiging pera dun imho. At hindi siguro maging reflex yung manu manuhin ung list at icheck daily kung may possible na profitable setup at magplano a day before the trade. May mga nagsasabi na need daw 10000 hrs para mapractice. Kung di mo alam yung direksyon na tatahakin to be profitable yung 10000 hrs pde maging 1000000 hrs kasi nga magtatrial n error ka pa. Yung training ang nagbigay direction so better use it.

  6. your follower. Thank you Zee. I love you! All love you!

  7. boss zee, mas interested ako sa poker night. paano sumali? :)

  8. You are such an ideal leader, no doubt, you have a phenomenal tribe... How I wish to have a mentors like you guys, not like any other mentor that their vision/mission obviously differs on what they were trying to represent. I am 99% novice in this field of stock market. I remember it was way back 2013, that 1% small chance of wanting to learn this pushes me to every year to understand but it is quite difficult without a coach, like playing unfamiliar sports without any knowledge and understanding about its system. Until one day, I saw, subscribed, sir Aki youtube blogs, and looking for the root as I did dig deeper, it was zeefreaks' idealism made mastering every traders their phenomenal craft. More power to your tribe! I am so excited and hoping to join your upcoming seminars.