Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Trophy Trades

We in ZFT strive for excellence.
#Realtrades more than mere #Realtalk

For what is all your talk of wealth if you can't even show proof?

Here are the few trophy trades from my hunting for this year.
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 Baseline From Jan-Jul : 2M
Withdrawals : 2.8M

Baseline From Jul-Present : 3M
Withdrawals : 1.49M

Total Withdrawals : 4.29M

*Current as of 12.28.2015 Closing

Hopefully some of the ZFTs would share their 
hunting results as well.

2015 was a Blast. 2016 would hopefully be Epic.
Wishing everyone in the trading community a prosperous 2016!


  1. just simply amazing!

  2. sir Zf why do you withdraw capital after it reach over 5M? why you dont let your capital reach 10M or more? or do you find it difficult to manage after 5M

    1. Good question.

      Yes. It is quite hard to trade 5M compared to just 2M. I just withdraw and transfer it to a bigger port with a different objective and trading mindset : Capital Preservation. That port although bigger, is boring.

  3. Hello, newbie here, pano nyo po nalalaman which stocks will be the best to buy or sell? Iniisa isa nyo po talaga pagaralan each and every stock na publicly listed? L.

    1. Hi there. You might want to read the beginning of this blog to the more recent posts. The answer to your questions lies there.

  4. Ever thought of writing a post on your "capital preservation" port? :)