Friday, December 11, 2015

Zeefreaks and Atlas

This is one of those nights when I just feel like basking in the
 moonlight, wishing to be present in the emptiness of space.

Evoking, surrounding myself with melancholy. What is this piece
 of art? I relish the moment of serene sadness as I listen to its
 melody. A fusion and a rift of the complex and of the simple. 
I close my eyes to gaze at the depths of this beauty.


I feel that If I put more words to describe this masterpiece, 
I wouldn't be doing it any justice.


  1. True, Mr. Zee, I was blown away by the sights of the stars in sky when I was assigned to Dumaguete, recently. The whole majesty of the sky with all the stars was for viewing without the pollution of Manila. A really humbling experience.

    1. Good experience visiting the provinces from time to time huh. You learn a lot and appreciate the small but big things in life. You still in Dumaguete?

  2. I hope someday me and my wife can be financially free through my trading so we can go back and settle to Dumaguete. I've been back reading your blog. First time to comment on your post. There's always something about home that touches from within. Missing Dumaguete.