Thursday, April 21, 2016

Perspective of A High Risk Trader

"Napapadalas na."

blurt out as I check the zennies left in my account. A sign that I've been trading in and out of the markets with considerable volume.

Most people would panic at the sight of a 4-6 figure loss. But it shouldn't be about the value. Focus instead on the percentage of gains and losses. A 250k loss that is -2% is small compared to a damaging blow of -50k that is -10% of a trader's port. It's just a matter of perspective.

Taking on these high risk stocks with 6-7 figures is quite easy. But with 8? It takes a special kind of crazy. These are my defining moments as I challenge myself to this weight class. Balancing a versatile trading system with volume while trying to keep the right state of mind.

If there's one thing I've learned on these kinds of plays, either you get in early or you get out quickly. Time to test my limits.


    MAKE MY DAY! lels :)

  2. you're not yet a whale but hammer head shark pwede.
    anyway. let's see how you can transform into a whale... if that is even possible hehehe :P

  3. Are you going to show us what you traded? That's not yet the gain until you sell it and lock profits.

  4. Sir, actually idol kita...marami akong natututunan sa blog mo....kaso minsan parang ayaw ko ng basahin mga tweets at blogs mo lalo na pag napapakita ka ng iyong portfolio...parang simpleng simple lang sayong kumita samantalang ako ang tagal ko ng nagtatrade hanggang ngayon di ko pa rin nababawi yung malaking loss ko....nakakainggit lang tuloy.....sana matutunan ko din yung mbga techniques mo sa trading...kasi parang ang dali lang para sayo!!! More power!!! More Money to come!!!

  5. Wicked Sick Boss Zee!