Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Primal Hunters

I've been playing a PC game recently, one which I've longed to play since it was announced in 2010. I've deprived myself of this dream for too long and now, the wait is over. I just can't help but see the resemblance with how the markets work.



Traders are like Primal Zergs. Those who are able to kill and thrive in this environment, evolve and grow bigger. Alliances are an illusion. The reality is competition and survival. The market is after all, a Zero-Sum Game.

It's Eat or be Eaten. 


  1. "alliances are an illusion"
    so pati mga ka tribo kakainin ng buhay ? lels :P

  2. let's go hunting.. i have a big tip for you ;)

  3. Zero-sum game? / Gambling? or is there any difference?

  4. Eat or be Eaten... ;)
    I just made a killing using my FNI weapon.. ;)
    Thanks to your blog Zee!